Samsung S24 Ultra: The Pinnacle of Mobile Technology in 2024

by Jahnvi Ahuja
Samsung S24 ultra

By providing features that the iPhone 15 Pro Max does not, the Samsung S24 Ultra aims to retake the top rank among smartphones. It includes a plethora of Galaxy AI functions that can do everything from translating phone calls in real-time to automatically summarizing your notes and rearranging subjects in your images.

Launch ceremonies for Samsung’s Galaxy S series typically feature new hardware, enhanced performance, better displays, cameras, and cutting-edge features. However, the Galaxy S24 series launch at Unpacked 2024 moved the emphasis away from hardware improvements and toward Galaxy AI. Compared to the newest CPU, camera, and battery generation, Samsung gave this feature more thought. Samsung took advantage of the current trend in AI to offer a variety of capabilities under one comprehensive umbrella known as “Galaxy AI.”

The Cost Range of the Samsung S24 Ultra

The Samsung S24 Ultra release date was scheduled for January 31st. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s launch price is more than that of the Ultra from the prior year, and the price difference will be even more pronounced. Comparing the Galaxy S24 Ultra to the already feature-rich Galaxy S23 Ultra, nothing noteworthy or innovative has been added. It has improved slightly in several aspects. The phone has 256GB of storage out of the box for $1,299; upgrading to the 512GB or 1TB variants would set you back Samsung s24 ultra price $1,419 and $1,659, respectively.

Design and display

If you blink, you could miss Samsung’s design tweaks on the Samsung Galaxy S24 ultra. Most significantly, the new model’s titanium frame replaces its predecessor’s armor aluminum frame, increasing durability and, in this case, resulting in a lighter package. According to Samsung, this modification is due to the S Pen, as the flatter surface reduces the likelihood of the stylus falling off the edge. Additionally, it includes built-in Bluetooth, so you can use the side button to control other phone features—particularly the camera—with a remote.

Over time, we’ve become less worried about a flagship’s display resolution, primarily because QHD+ resolution is more than sufficient nowadays. That is precisely what the 6.8-inch QHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2x display, which boasts brilliant colors, exceptional viewing angles, and deep detail, is packing in the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Which Software does it have?

It is evident that Samsung has no interest in enhancing its Software and is solely focused on hardware. One UI on the Samsung S24 ultra is becoming unusable due to the appalling Software. With so many options and settings, Samsung cannot decide what is best for its users, even regarding essential aspects.

Regarding the new AI functions, they are a mishmash of incredible magic and pointless filler. It sounds like science fiction if you employ the AI translation during a phone conversation. There’s little doubt that AI is going to permeate all aspects of our lives, including our phones. For this reason, Samsung is proactively enabling its users to access new features through Galaxy AI. It’s interesting to note that Google and Microsoft work together on several of these AI-assisted features, which begs the question of who innovates here. Galaxy AI features will be provided for free on supported Samsung Galaxy devices until the end of 2025, raising the chance that these AI features will evolve.

Camera Features

Undoubtedly, the most significant dispute surrounding the Galaxy S24 Ultra revolves around Samsung’s choice to replace the S23 Ultra’s 10x optical zoom camera with a 5x optical one. People may believe that the new camera arrangement is technically inferior because of that one crucial specification, but remember that Samsung exchanges optical Range for a higher resolution sensor—a 50MP sensor, as opposed to a 10MP one, to be exact.

With its 200MP primary camera with 60% bigger pixels, 12MP ultrawide, 10MP telephoto lens with 3X optical zoom, and the recently announced 50MP telephoto camera with 5X optical zoom, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is still a compelling camera. Even with the 12MP resolution, the camera can still achieve 10x magnification by capturing an image and then enlarging it.

In addition to its camera technology, the S24 Ultra has features that will appeal to photographers and videographers. In actuality, Samsung’s most recent phone is still one of the few with full manual settings for shooting 8K video. However, the most significant software improvements for the Galaxy S24 Ultra cameras are related to the cutting-edge Galaxy AI photo-editing capabilities that we can use.

These AI-assisted capabilities give me the impression that my photo editor is working nonstop to enhance the epicenes of my images. The photo editing tools also save me time, just like the other Galaxy AI features we’ve covered.

Battery life and charging

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is not just among the most powerful phones ever made but also sets the standard for flagships regarding battery life. Surprisingly, Samsung has retained the same 5,000 mAh battery from the previous model, indicating that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3’s increased power efficiency sets this device apart.


The Samsung S24 Ultra, despite a price hike, continues to establish itself as one of the most excellent phones, breaking previous benchmarks in essential areas like battery life, screen brightness, and processor capability for a flagship device. Combining it with the phone’s many useful Galaxy AI functions gives you a time-saving powerhouse that will genuinely rescue you.

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