7 Old and New Christmas Movies to Light Up Your Holiday

by Jahnvi Ahuja
new Christmas movies

It’s never too early, according to some, to embrace the Christmas spirit. If you’re among the many people who prefer to skip Thanksgiving and instead decorate your tree and buy gifts, you’re likely already considering the next time you may watch vintage films. Christmas is quickly approaching. And there will be releasing new Christmas movies to get the season started. A preview of the November holiday film releases is provided here.

The top Christmas movies 2023 to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, and other services in 2023 are listed here.

Why Watching Christmas Movies is the Best Idea for Holidays?

Although there’s no reason why individuals couldn’t decorate their homes all year round, we usually only get to see trees and decorations around December. Watching new Christmas movies that centers around the idea of having the most fun possible seems like the perfect answer, as most people want to enjoy life to the fullest.

This explains, among other things, why a wide range of Christmas movies are now accessible at this time of year on all streaming services. Most individuals have made it a practice to watch Christmas films on TV during this time of year.

Christmas speaks to us immediately and has been ingrained in our collective psyche, even for those not reared as Christians. Upon seeing a Christmas tree, one’s thoughts tend to wander to memories of past trees in their childhood home or neighborhood.

Best 7 Old and New Christmas Movies

  • A Christmas Story

You may stream it whenever you want, or you can wait for the yearly 24-hour TBS marathon of this classic on Christmas. One of the most iconic films in popular culture is A Christmas Story, which follows a little boy who is all he wants to have a BB pistol. Are any of those leg lights yours? You most likely know someone who does if you don’t.

  • The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday

In this festive prequel to the 2022 animated feature, Mr. Wolf and his gang of animal outlaws make a comeback. The gang usually takes advantage of the distractions on Christmas morning to carry out a theft. But when the holidays are called off, they have to find the spirit of the season again. It will be released on November 30.

  • Die Hard

We mean, come on, who disagrees with us when we say that Die Hard is a Christmas movie these days? Still, it doesn’t detract from the fantastic action movie Die Hard. Bruce Willis portrays John McClane, a police officer attempting to free his spouse and other captives at a Christmas celebration that terrorists from Germany overrun.

  • Love Actually

The ridiculousness of this romantic comedy, which revolves around several intertwined love tales set around the Christmas season, makes it a great watch. All the great Brits who have ever lived have contributed to the lunacy, but the story of Bill Nighy is, in some ways, the most poignant. It is one of the best Christmas movies on Netflix.

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown being sad about materialism during the most delightful time of the year makes Christmas fantastic. This animation’s enduring popularity may be attributed to many factors. Few of these factors are catchy soundtrack, lively dancing, and Linus’ endearing monologue on the true meaning of Christmas. It’s just always fresh.

  • The Family Stone

Sarah Jessica Parker plays a stiff New York City businesswoman in the movie The Family Stone who spends Christmas with her boyfriend’s family. And after that, everyone gets along well, and there’s no disagreement! Haha! His family is quite critical of him, especially his mother, Diane Keaton, sister Rachel McAdams, and brother Luke Wilson. SJP asks her sister to cover for her. We won’t give away what occurs next, but the film is a ticking time bomb of strange family relationships with a festive setting.

  • Best. Christmas. Ever!

This is another one of the best Netflix Christmas movies. In Netflix’s highly anticipated Christmas film “Best. Christmas. Ever!” Brandy Norwood and Heather Graham are featured. The plot centers on two longtime friends with a complicated past and a one-sided conflict. When she and her family are asked to spend the holidays at Jackie’s house, Charlotte is resolved to learn the truth about Jackie’s ideal existence.

Final Words

The charm of new Christmas movies completes the holiday season. And this year’s selection lives up to our expectations of warmth, humor, and magic. Everyone may find something to enjoy, whether drawn to star-studded musicals, sweet romances, animated adventures, or traditional tales with a modern twist.

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