Anticipation at Peaks for Anime Chainsaw Man Season 2

by Thomas Martin
Chainsaw Man season 2

We still need to learn about Chainsaw Man season 2 a year later. Nevertheless, something should be announced very soon. Ultimately, the anime burst into our screens with confidence typically only exhibited by the finest and most accomplished in the industry.

We’ve looked ahead to what might be around the bend as we approach 2024. This contains conjecture regarding the movie’s release date, potential chapters for the future adaptation, and potential reunions with the cast.

Will Season 2 of Chainsaw Man be Released?

Chainsaw Man debuted in October 2022, during the often-hectic autumn anime season. The series aired for 12 episodes. Although a formal announcement on the Chainsaw Man season 2 release date has not yet been made, the program will not be canceled anytime soon. However, according to, production has already begun.

The 2023 Shonen Jump Festa, famed for its new and returning anime announcements alongside various surprises, is scheduled for December 16–17, 2023. Fans have theorized that this could mean an announcement for season 2. It appears like a second season is in the works.

Who Might Make a Return in Season 2?

We anticipate the return of Power (Fairouz Ai), Makima (Tomori Kusunoki), Aki (Shogo Sakata), and Denji (Kikunosuke Toya). Reze (Reina Ueda) will be a significant addition, while most of the English dub cast will likely return. More details when they become available.

When Will a Trailer be Available?

A Chainsaw Man season 2 trailer will release anytime soon. We’ll be lucky to see even a small amount of footage in the first several months of 2024 if no announcement is made soon. Watch the official Chainsaw Man Twitter account and Crunchyroll’s social media sites for more.

The Expected Episode Count

We may anticipate that season 2 will follow the same format as season 1. It consists of 12 episodes, unless MAPPA decides to surprise and give us more. Since season 1 ended with the hunt for the Gun Devil in full swing, season 2 will likely tackle the final 57 chapters of Part 1 of the Chainsaw Man manga.

What Has Happened, and What Is Next for the Story?

Denji’s quest to become a licensed devil hunter took up much of the first season. Power, Kobeni, Himeno, and Aki were along on the voyage. Between them, the group faced off against opponents, including the Ghost Devil, the Bat Devil, and the Katana Man. Now that you are all caught up, what will happen to Chainsaw Man in season two?

After defeating Katana Man and the Snake Devil, Denji and his group were closer than ever to discovering the Gun Devil at the end of Chainsaw Man’s first season finale.

If a possible second season adheres to Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga, there is still a ton more story to be told. Season one’s twelve episodes encompassed four storylines; thus, future installments may feature the “International Assassins’ Arc” and even the “Bomb Girl Arc.”

Actor Colt Levy, who plays Denji in English, says that if you thought season one was weird, you should prepare for season two.

Sites to Stream Chainsaw Man Anime Online

Depending on where you live, there are various websites where you can stream Chainsaw Man. However, Crunchyroll is the safest option if you’re in North America and Europe.

  • Crunchyroll: CIS, Oceania, Europe, Africa, North America, Central America, and South America
  • Hulu: USA
  • For China is Bilibili
  • South Korea’s Animax Kore
  • India and the rest of the world are covered by the YouTube channel Ani-One.

These websites will likely continue to stream Chainsaw Man Season 2, so visit any of the ones above to catch up on the first season and be ready to enjoy Season 2 when it premieres.

Final Words

Fans of the anime Chainsaw Man should be informed that, as of right now, MAPPA still needs to confirm the release of  Chainsaw Man season 2. However, many people think this is only a matter of time, so fans simply have to wait for the news. The studio MAPPA probably had good intentions to make, announce, and eventually release a second season of Chainsaw Man; they just needed to wait till they were done with other big projects.

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