Exploring a Celestial Journey of the Snapchat Planets

by Thomas Martin
Snapchat Planets

Snapchat Plus users can now see who is nearby with a new tool. We call it snapchat planets. It is available through a membership plan. Snapchat constantly updates its user interface with new features to increase its appeal and encourage user engagement. Although you may communicate and share the streaks with pals, Snapchat has introduced a function that allows you to mark your friend circle with eight of your closest friends.

Snapchat Planets: What Are They?

Based on the solar system’s orbit around the sun, snapchat planets are planets that symbolize the top friends’ circles on the platform. The way the planets orbit the sun at different distances shows which planet is closer to the sun. This feature, likewise based on the solar system, gives each buddy a planet along with an emoji so you can see who is closest to you.

The Snapchat Solar System: How Can You See It?

First, to utilize a snapchat planets order, you must have a premium account to utilize a Snapchat Planets order, as this function is exclusive to Plus members. We have outlined some easy ways to sign up for Snapchat+ in case you are having trouble viewing solar systems on the app. Observe the guidelines listed below:

  • Open the Snapchat app on your mobile device.
  • Select your profile by clicking it in the app’s upper corner.
  • In the upper corner of the app, click your profile.
  • Now select the setting by clicking on it, which is located in your profile’s right corner.
  • The app will display several alternatives; however, you can swipe down to select Snapchat+.
  • Monthly and annual subscriber plans will be available. You must make an informed decision.
  • Add your payment methods and follow the instructions.
  • Once the payment is complete, you will be able to access Snapchat+.

How Does It Operate?

The way Snapchat Planets function is modeled after the solar system, in which each planet orbits its sun. Because users can now connect more closely, this function has been included to improve the user experience. As a Plus member, you are the sun, and your eight closest friends are the planets. Through chat and snapstreaks, your pals get closer to you. Each of the eight planets in this feature is represented by an emoji. Mercury, Earth, Venus, Neptune, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter are the planets.

Neptune is the final planet, ranked eighth, while Mercury is the best buddy, ranked first among these eight. This intriguing feature encourages user interaction and enhances it.

How Do You Use Them?

Eight planets will be allocated to the Snapchat+ subscriber to determine how vital their pals are on the app. The program will assign you planets once you have purchased the plan, but to determine how near they are to you, it is crucial to comprehend their meaning. Only the traits and hues of the planets will help you identify your friend. Mercury, for instance, is the planet of the heart, where pink first appears.

We’ve put together this guide to help you learn everything there is to know about planets, so mark your pals and get fully informed about snapchat planets in order.

  • Mercury

Mercury is a Snapchat planet that stands for one of the close friends. As a Snapchat user, being assigned to Mercury indicates that you have a close friendship with a person. Mercury is also close to the sun in the solar system. Snapchat reserves this planet for pals who send more streaks than everybody else.

  • Venus

Venus is ranked second in the planet rows for the significance of your friends. Based on the behavior, Snapchat gave this feature to your second-closest friend.

  • Earth

Developers have included that the earth and the sun circle each other to Snapchat Planets, designating your friend as the third nearest friend. The planet Earth on Snapchat+ symbolizes sustainable parts of existence, highlighting the significance of your friends on social media platforms.

  • Mars

Mars is a balanced planet with a corresponding position in the solar system. It stands for a buddy’s fourth closest friend position on the app. It also highlights a friend who engages in a balanced activity with you on Snapchat.

  • Jupiter

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, comes in fifth place when allocated to a friend. To add humor, you can giant-size mark a buddy in your Snapchat Planets. When using streaks with a friend who uses the program regularly, this planet improves the experience and offers fascinating figures.

  • Saturn

With its magnificent ring that enhances its visual appeal, Saturn is a magnificent planet on the app. As this planet approaches the sun, it displays your friend’s sixth ranking on Snapchat.

  • Uranus

In the solar system, Uranus is ranked seventh, and on the Snapchat Planets, it corresponds to a friend’s seventh position. It is a well-known planet because of its diameter and frigid climate. In this way, you might designate a friend as a cold-active Uranus.

  • Neptune

Neptune, the eighth and final planet for Plus users, brings Snapchat Planets to a close. Snapchat has added eight new planets to assign to your pals. However, that does not imply it is the last world on Earth. Neptune can be the last person in the circle to be given to friends.


One intriguing feature of the social media app Snapchat is called snapchat planets. Via Friendmoji, the planets stand in for your friends’ ranks, which you can assign to them based on your interactions and proximity. This feature is only available to Snapchat+ subscribers with monthly or annual premium packages.

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