Find Creative Variations and Unique Flavors of Hawaiian Pizza

by Thomas Martin
Hawaiian pizza

We’re huge fans of bubbly, delicious Hawaiian pizza! The incredible contrast in flavor between the salty ham and cheese and the sweet pineapples makes it a favorite around here. Today, we’re sharing our quick Hawaiian pizza recipe with you and a basic handmade pizza dough recipe if you want to do it all yourself!

We are aware that only some agree when it comes to pineapple on pizza. It makes a fantastic topping, particularly when it’s served fresh. If you’re a fan of Hawaiian pizza, you should try this simple recipe! Cheesy, crisp, and quite tasty. For all the information, including our recipe for homemade pizza dough, continue reading!

Is Pizza Hawaiian Style the Best Pizza?

Have you ever found yourself having to retract what you said? Have you ever tried something and, shockingly enough, found that you DO like it after having sworn fervently that you would never, ever, ever like it? You can see where this is headed, don’t you?

We were mistaken when we declared that pineapple didn’t belong on pizza. Hawaiian pizza tastes great, especially when it has bacon on it!

Hawaiian Pizza: What’s on It?

This Hawaiian pizza consists of just three toppings:

  • Pineapple

Using freshly diced pineapple is what we’d advise. It tastes far better and fresher than anything frozen or canned! Additionally, ensure the pineapple is dehydrated before putting it on the pizza. If not, the fluids will pool around the cheese and cause it to become mushy while it bakes.

  • Ham

Simply dice your preferred variety to put on top of the pizza.

  • Oregano

Italian seasoning or even dried oregano works well here.

Of course, it’s easy and delicious. There is also shredded mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce. Before baking, we also prepare melted garlic butter to brush around the edges. It dramatically enhances the buttery flavors we adore on pizza, so it’s strongly advised.

In addition to those three Hawaiian pizza toppings, we suggest the following extras. As a compliment, they all work incredibly well together!

  • Crumbled Bacon:

We adore bacon on pizza, and the flavors complement each other quite well. Simply fry and crumble a few bacon slices in a skillet.

  • Cooked Chicken Slices:

This pizza is fantastic when topped with sliced grilled chicken.

  • Fresh Basil:

Fresh basil enhances flavor and freshness!

  • Sliced Onions:

Feel free to add onions to your pizza if you enjoy them.

How to Make Your Pizza Dough?

We’re all in favor of homemade pizza dough! Any pizza dough recipe that calls for just a few ingredients—bread flour and active dry yeast, for example—can be found online. You can also make it beforehand if you’d like to prepare.

You can also use your preferred store-bought pizza crust for simplicity and ease.

Here’s another thought: Check if pizza dough is available at your neighborhood pizzeria. It’s always valuable for hectic evenings. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic opportunity to help out nearby family-run companies.

How Do You Keep It from Becoming Moist?

No one enjoys soggy pizza. Soggy pizza is mainly caused by the pizza sauce seeping into the crust during baking. High-moisture toppings may also be to blame.

It’s an easy fix! Brush the dough with olive oil before covering it with the pizza sauce. It’s just a thin coating, nothing too thick. As a result, a barrier will form, separating the dough and sauce.

Additionally, blot dries the diced pineapples entirely before adding them to the Hawaiian pizza. Pineapples are hydrated. Using a fork to poke the dough all over is another activity we enjoy doing. Doing this, the pizza will be baked in the hot oven without hot air bubbles forming.

How to Prepare Hawaiian Pizza?

  • Set your oven’s temperature HIGH to guarantee both a cooked and a crunchy crust!
  • Your pizza dough should be stretched to fit your pan.
  • Add sauce, cheese, bacon, pineapple, and ham to your pizza.

Pizza bakes quickly at 450°F. This Hawaiian pizza recipe might take 13 to 15 minutes, depending on the number of toppings and crust thickness. The high oven temperature browns the top and crumples the bottom!

Final Words

This delicious Hawaiian pizza is a terrific option if you’re organizing a pizza night and need additional ideas! Making pizza at home is a great way to spend quality time with the family or even on a romantic night. We hope you will enjoy this simple Hawaiian pizza recipe as much as we do. You only need a couple of toppings!

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