How Windows Laptops Become the Best in the Business?

by Thomas Martin
Windows laptops

Microsoft Windows has been the dominant computer operating system since its first launch in 1985 and remains much ahead of its nearest rival, MacOS, even in 2023. Going by the market share, 70% of computers have Windows OS compared to almost 20% depending on MacOS. Only 10% of computers run on Google and Linux OS. Although these numbers do not indicate the quality and performance of computers, the fact remains that despite MacBook Air being a splendid device, Windows laptops have a much wider acceptance. Perhaps people have become so used to Windows OS that they feel most comfortable using Windows computers instead of trying out any other OS. After all, no one wants to leave their comfort zone. And Microsoft has won people’s confidence by providing the best experience.

Evolution of Windows Laptops

Since its initial release in 1985, Microsoft Windows OS has undergone numerous mutations. Every new version added new features and functionalities for improving performance and ensuring a better user experience. As users are always seeking more convenience, Microsoft introduces new versions of the OS periodically. Among the most notable versions are Windows 95, which became a game changer. It was followed by Windows XP, Windows 7, and now we have Windows 11. Such is the popularity of Windows OS that approximately 65 million PCs shipped in 2022 had Windows OS pre-installed in the devices, including PCS, laptops, tablets, and embedded devices.

Organizations Rely More on Windows OS

By looking around and talking to a few people with experience working across various industrial and academic sectors, you can easily understand that there is an innate affinity for Windows OS. Such is the popularity of Windows OS that, unless specifically mentioned, people assume that computers must have Windows OS. They rarely question if the device runs on Windows as they know Windows supposedly drives almost all computers except MacBook Air. 

Windows enjoys enormous popularity across Universities and other academic institutions, as evident from the experience of students and other academic community members. Universities provide fully licensed premium software for students of various disciplines, especially computer science, and build their support systems around Windows. Therefore, if you are using a MacBook Air, it might be difficult to receive adequate support in case you have issues with the OS. Moreover, students always find it easier to follow demonstrations by lecturers who usually use Windows laptops.

Windows is the Main Operating System across Most Industries

We have become so used to Windows that we are well aware of the behavioral traits of the OS. Rarely will you be taken by surprise even if the computer gives some problem because you know about various troubleshooting techniques to address the issues faced. Keeping your device always up and running will boost your productivity and put you ahead as you progress in your career.

Easy to Maintain and Affordable

Besides the ease of use, price plays a critical role in Windows gaining large-scale popularity. Although MacBooks are beautiful devices with an elitist appeal and are highly portable, the price tag might dampen most users. The starting price of the MacBook Air M1 in the US is $999, almost double that of an equivalent Windows laptop.  Even if you agree to pay the price, which might appear justified as it might help you score high grades, any damage during the course could put you in a spot. Apple will charge you a bomb to repair the device, and it will take quite some time to get it back. This is when you feel how good it would have been had you been using a Windows laptop.

However, Windows users have a significant advantage in this respect because they can quickly buy a new computer for around $500 and save precious time for studies. Moreover, even if you opt for some of the best Windows laptops, you would end up with much less than what you would pay for a new MacBook. It’s easy to upgrade a Windows laptop and quite affordable. Windows’ ability to support complex IT infrastructures and various types of servers makes companies rely heavily on the versatile OS, boosting the popularity of Windows laptops.

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