Taormina Sicily: A Mediterranean Oasis of Charm and History

by Thomas Martin
Taormina Sicily

Taormina Sicily is a quaint town in eastern Sicily that is well-known for being close to Mount Etna and for its striking location atop Mount Tauro. With a rich history spanning millennia, the town offers many exquisite dining options, upscale retail, and a historic theater among its diversified attractions. The top activities in Taormina are included here, along with some helpful advice for visitors.

How Much Time Will You Need in Taormina?

Regretfully, most visitors spend up to one day in Taormina Sicily. That would be unfortunate, though, because the Pearl of Sicily is the kind of place that deserves more than a passing glance. We recommend allocating two to three days if you want to enjoy this quaint Sicilian town fully.

Where Is It Located?

Situated inside the Metropolitan City of Messina, Taormina is on the eastern coast of Sicily. The town, a popular vacation destination since the end of the 18th century, is home to about 11,000 permanent people, though the number rises significantly in the summer.

What Time of Year Is Ideal to Go There?

Just before or right after peak season is the ideal time to visit Taormina, as with many other well-known European summer sites. This entails scheduling a vacation for late spring or early fall. It was pleasant when we went in the summer but also quite crowded!

List of 5 Top Activities in Taormina Sicily

However, we must admit that Taormina feels very different in the summer and fall due to the sheer volume of visitors. We think you should see only a few things when visiting Taormina; feel free to see more while you’re there.

  • Enjoy the Scenery

One of the nicest things to do in Taormina is to take in all of the breathtaking views, as the town is perched high on a cliff face above the bright Ionian Sea below.

You may also take in picture-perfect views of Mount Etna on a clear day. Piazza IX Aprile and the Taormina public gardens offer some of the city’s best views.

  • Antique Gates

The remains of a few city gates indicate the original entrances and exits of medieval Taormina. All that’s left of the town’s former encirclement by fortified walls are these ruins of the past.

These gates may be found all across the town: Porta Catania, Porta Messina, Porta di Mezzo, the city center gate, and a last gate that connects.

  • Ancient Greek Theatre

Taormina is home to one of the most exquisite ancient amphitheaters still standing. The Greek theater offers unparalleled views of the stunning azure seas of the Ionian Sea below and Mount Etna.

The theater’s construction required the removal of more than 100,000 cubic meters of rock from the mountain, and work on it presumably started in the third century BCE. Gladiator fights were most likely staged in Roman theaters.

  • Isola Bella Beach

If you want to relax in the sun or wade in the serene, blue waters of the Ionian Sea, go to Isola Bella Beach. At low tide, the beach creates a natural causeway that links to the eponymous rocky limestone islet. It’s lovely but made of big pebbles and hardly any sand. In most beach areas, sun loungers and paddleboards are available for public use. To learn more about the shore’s history, you may also visit this nature museum.

  • Cable Car

It is now easier to ride the cable car than the winding steps that lead through a residential neighborhood to reach the town and back down to the beach level from Taormina.

If you want to take the cable car, be aware that it gets pretty crowded. The morning descent and the afternoon return trip may get very crowded when everyone has finished at the beach club and along the sea.

Is it Costly to Travel to Taormina?

The quick answer is that visiting Taormina may be pricey, particularly when compared to other Sicilian cities and villages. Nevertheless, finding lodging and dining options at competitive prices is still possible. The only thing needed is a small amount of preliminary study.


Traveling to Taormina Sicily is a unique experience. Your tour will only be complete if you view this magnificent balcony if you are ever in the eastern portion of this lovely island. It provides expansive views that will astound you and create a lasting memory for years. You may fall in love with this charming village perched on a hill.

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