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by Jahnvi Ahuja
where to watch Next Level Chef

Next Level Chef is the title of a Prime Video cooking game show. It aims at identifying the best of the best chefs. The first season was streamed between May and June 2022. It comprised 11 episodes in which Chef Gordon Ramsey was seen scouting across the US for the best home chefs, line cooks, social media stars, and everything in between. The chefs must demonstrate exceptional culinary skills to win the title of ‘Next Level Chef’. It comes with prize money of $250,000. Each episode was 43 minutes and started streaming on May 20. And the Final Level streaming took place on June 23, 2022.  By now, viewers of the first season know where to watch Next Level Chef.

Where to Watch Next-Level Chef?

You can watch it on Hulu by subscribing for 2 seasons. One can also buy or rent the show on Amazon, Vudu, and Google Play. However, since live streaming is now a thing of the past, buying or renting the show is the only option for viewers keen to watch the show now. Both Amazon and Vudu offer buying and renting options of the SD and HD versions of the show for $1.99 and $2.99 respectively for Season 1 and Season 2. Google Play’s offer is the best, as you need to pay only $1.99 for any version whether you buy or rent it.

Highlights of Season 1

15 contestants participated in Next Level Chef, Season 1. They were tasked with cooking a Next Level dish in just 45 minutes. The participants must do their best to impress the three celebrity judges – Gordon Ramsey, Richard Blais, and Nyesha Arrington. The chefs form three teams of 5 members with a mentor assigned to each.

The competition starts from the second episode named High Steaks. Chefs have to prepare a perfect steak dinner. They should avoid elimination to find a place among the surviving 14 participants. The team then faces a challenge in the third episode while displaying their culinary skills to cook and create splendid Italian pasta and survive elimination. The 13-member team then progresses to the fourth episode to create a poultry dish. One chef is to get eliminated in each of the subsequent episodes. The participants need to demonstrate varied cooking skills in each episode. They prepare burgers, brunch, seafood, pork dishes, and fusion food created from the cuisine of 14 countries in the ninth episode.

The 10th episode is the semi-final round contested by six chefs. Ultimately three make it to the final or eleventh episode. They are tasked with creating a three-course masterpiece by cooking a dish on each level. The chefs go all out with the prize money of $250,000. Moreover, they will also get the title of Next Level Chef and a year-long mentorship.

Highlights of Season 2

The second season of Next Level Chef follows the format of the first season. The contest begins from the second episode of the 15 episodes- a show that eliminates one contestant from each episode. It begins with the preparation of a Mexican dish, making an upscale sandwich, a Chinese dish, cooking a game like a wild boar, an alcohol-based dish, and preparing a gourmet dish. In the 8th episode, the contestants have to pick up a flag kept in a box and go ahead to prepare the signature dish of that country.

Named Happy Hour, preparing an appetizer is the task assigned to the contestants in the ninth episode. Next, the chefs face the challenge of navigating nuts, cheese, and charcuterie meats. From the eleventh episode onwards, the contestants must demonstrate their skills in frying, re-imagine an old classic dish, and prepare some local dishes with indigenous ingredients of an American state. During the final, the three contestants have 90 minutes to prepare one dish from each level.

Next Level Chef – The cast

The cast of Next Level Chef includes Gordon Ramsey, Richard Blais, and Nyesha Arrington. They are the stars of the show with Gordon doubling up as the executive producer of 27 episodes streamed during 2022 and 2023.  David De Angelis and Brian M. Fowler are the co-producers of 26 episodes. Alex Shenkman scored the music for 26 episodes and David Ortklese was the cinematographer for the eleven episodes of Season 1.  Joleen Garnet was the Costume designer and KayDee Lavorin the Set Decorator of the first season.

Now that you know where to watch Next Level Chef, you can enjoy the show as per your convenience.

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