How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies: Effective Strategies

by Jahnvi Ahuja
how to get rid of fruit flies

In this blog, we’ll speak about what causes fruit flies, how to get rid of fruit flies, and how to recognize them. We’ll also advise you on how to prevent fruit fly infestations in your house. Let’s explore ways to keep your living area healthier and cleaner.

Fruit flies are tiny insects that can be very bothersome. They enjoy lounging in your kitchen and nibbling on ripe fruits, vegetables, and occasionally garbage. The issue is that these microscopic bugs could be harmful to your health in addition to being annoying.

Fruit Flies: What Are They?

Fruit flies are tiny, winged insects that are frequently found in homes. Their eyes are crimson. They are often smaller than the average housefly, with body colors ranging from brown to black. Fruits and wet, ripe, or decaying vegetables are their primary targets. Thus, as you may know, fruit flies may congregate in your kitchen!

Why Do Fruit Flies Enter Your Home?

Rotten produce attracts fruit flies and provides the perfect reproduction environment. Fruit sugars contain yeast, which they adore. Fruit sugar ferments as the fruit ripens or starts to break down.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies: Tried-and-True Techniques

Fruit flies can be caught using a variety of methods, depending on your tastes and the tools you have available. Here’s how to get rid of fruit flies-

A.  Identify the Source and Remove It

  • Check the Fruits and Veggies

Start by inspecting your produce for damage, rotting, or infestations. Remove any damaged things and properly store the remaining items. When you obtain your fruits and vegetables, wash and dry them to help remove any potential pests or concealed eggs.

  • Check the Recycling and Trash Cans

Ensure your recycling and trash bins are routinely emptied, and food waste is not lodged inside them. Occasionally, give them a cleaning and drying. Always use liners to prevent fruit or vegetable scraps from collecting at the bottom of your trash can.

  • Seek out Stagnant Water and Concealed Spills

Fruit flies are drawn to moist areas with signs of organic matter, such as old water and spills. Look for hidden spills or poorly drained places in your house, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Thoroughly clean and desiccate these areas to eliminate any possible breeding grounds.

B.  Frequently Affected Areas Should be Cleaned and Sanitized

  • Clear the Kitchen Counters

Use a multipurpose cleaner to wipe your countertops often. Fruit flies can’t settle because of this. Thus, immediately clean up any spills or crumbs, especially if they are sticky or sugary.

  • Continue Your Regular Cleaning Schedule

Establish a cleaning schedule and take steps to keep fruit flies away from your house. Incorporate routine sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and surface wiping. Avoid leaving spaces under furniture or appliances unattended.

C.  Handcrafted Traps and Fixes

  • Fruit Trap Rotten

Fruit flies are drawn to a trap by decaying fruit. Place the fruit in a disposable pot, cover it with plastic wrap, and puncture it with small holes. Flies may be drawn in by the scent and become trapped within.

  • Trap with Vinegar Solution

To make a useful fruit fly trap, combine dish soap and apple cider vinegar. Transfer this mixture into a jar or bowl that is accessible. Flies may be drawn to the smell of vinegar and become stuck in the soapy liquid.

Reducing Fruit Fly Infestation Occurrences 

  • Keeping your produce as cold as possible is one possible solution to fruit fly issues. This drastically reduces the likelihood that fruit flies will locate a pleasant area to reproduce.
  • Store your fruits and vegetables in plastic bags or sealed containers to keep fruit flies away. This also contributes to the freshness and quality of your goods.
  • As soon as possible, take care of any leaks or drainage issues in your house to keep fruit flies away. Verify the functionality of your pipes and look for any potential areas of water buildup.
  • Regularly empty your trash and recycling bins, especially if overflowing with rotting produce, fruits, or other organic materials. Fruit flies won’t bother your house if you keep your bins dry, clean, and odor-free.


Problems with fruit flies can be inconvenient and even harmful to your health. So, how to get rid of fruit flies? You can battle and prevent these pests from taking over your house by keeping things tidy, using DIY remedies, and getting professional assistance when necessary. Please remember that it is best to deal with fruit flies as soon as possible. Thus, act as quickly as you see them.

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