The Beats Fit Pro: A Sonic Revolution in Fitness

by Thomas Martin
Beats Fit Pro

Beats has had a lot going on. The company that Apple owns, is back today with the more expensive Beats Fit Pro wireless earbuds, following the release of the Studio Buds earlier in the year. It’s uncommon to see Beats release two new items in a year, but the business wants to convey that it’s not just standing quietly by while Apple’s AirPods and AirPods Pro dominate the market.

Price and Availability

Major online retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, the Beats website, and Apple store are selling the Beats Fit Pro for $199. Four colors are available for purchase: stone purple, black, sage gray, and white. The package includes a charging case, USB-C charging cable, three sets of ear tips in various sizes, a quick start guide, and a warranty card.

Does It Look Good?

By adding some wingtips to the Studio Buds, you may almost have the Fit Pro. The most intriguing thing about them is that they are permanently attached, should they ever need any replacement or cleaning.

The build quality of Beats headphones is excellent. The buds are made of durable materials that can resist falls from great heights or contact with hard surfaces like concrete. They also have an IPX4 rating that indicates how resistant they are to sweat and water. This is the same as what the Studio Buds, PowerBeats Pro, and AirPods Pro offer.

The little charging case has to be the most attractive design feature. It’s a scaled-down variant of the terrifying PowerBeats Pro casing. The front-facing B logo, the side-mounted pairing button, and the rear-facing USB-C charging connector are all still in place. This case was ideal because of the fragile cover.

Style and Comfort

Comfort has increased compared to the PowerBeats Pro. The wingtips and cavity are softer, avoiding undue pressure on the skin or creating discomfort around the concha. This allows one to listen for longer periods before becoming tired.

While the AirPods Pro is among the best running headphones available, the Fit Pro is far sturdier for working out. Beats’ wingtips form a tight seal to hold the buds in place while folding and molding into the cymba.

The Sound Quality of Beats Fit Pro

Beats call this standard setting, activated when ANC is turned off, Adaptive EQ mode. It’s unclear at this point whether this technology is the same as that found in the AirPods Pro, but it modifies frequencies in real-time to enhance the quality of music heard.

The Fit Pro’s sound quality was superior to the AirPods 3 and the original AirPods Pro. The newly designed proprietary 9.5mm transducer is praised for its excellent frequency balance and deep bass output. The statement regarding the Fit Pro’s superior sound quality only pertains to the ANC and adaptive EQ modes—not spatial audio.

The ability to cancel noise is quite good. Apple fitted the Fit Pro with its noise-canceling technology. This feature mutes background noise to a high degree, so you may work out in various environments or recuperate in solitude at home.

Special Features

After observing how successfully the Studio Buds functioned on both iOS and Android systems, we assumed that the Fit Pro would have used the same proprietary chipset. That was not the case. Beats reverted to using the H1 processor to maintain the Fit Pro’s close ties to Apple’s ecosystem. The earbuds are compatible with Android devices through Bluetooth and the Beats mobile app; nevertheless, most of the software benefits associated with the H1 processor are still unique to iOS devices.

Final Words

The Beats Fit Pro is a no-brainer for fitness enthusiasts who adore their iPhones and perform better during workouts than the AirPods Pro. It features a more solid fit, better ANC, and a longer battery life than the AirPods Pro, so casual listeners looking for something sexier and more musical might want to give it a go instead of the latter.

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