The Enchanting French Polynesian Islands: Nature’s Paradise

by Jahnvi Ahuja
French Polynesian Islands

Tahiti’s islands have much more to discover, even if Bora Bora is the French Polynesia destination the media loves to highlight. Discover 118 idyllic French Polynesian Islands, each with its flavor and personality. Some of the most stunning locations have avoided the spotlight and the accouterments of contemporary tourism thus far.

Which French Polynesian Islands are Worth Visiting?

It’s a difficult question, and there are 118 islands available, so there are many to choose from! Four or five islands are a nice number to visit in two weeks to get a fair mix without spending too much time on the road. Fortunately, flying in French Polynesia is very different from other parts of the world. The flights are short, check-in is easy, and you don’t need to get to the airport early.

This program provides an excellent combination of Tahitian beaches, history, snorkeling, and diving. As alternatives, we’ve offered more island options at the end of this post.

The islands are divided into five groups: the Austral Islands, the Tuamotu Archipelago, the Society Islands, the Marquesas Islands, and the Gambier Islands. The simplest islands to reach are those in the Society Islands group, which includes Tahiti. The Tuamotos and Austral Islands are slightly farther away, and getting to the Marquesas and Gambier Islands is more complex and costly after that.

Four Lovely French Polynesian Islands

Our top four remote French Polynesian Islands are ideal for nature-loving, barefoot happiness.

  • Raiatea

Situated on the edge of a vast, protected lagoon, Raiatea is tucked away in the Society Islands archipelago, a short distance north of Tahiti, and is home to some of the best deep-sea diving, sailing, and fishing in the South Pacific. This makes it the best spot in French Polynesia for yachting. Raiatea is the ideal location if you’re looking for a sailing adventure because it’s home to several charter businesses.

  • Taha’a

Taha’a is the smaller sister island of Raiatea, and they share the same lovely lagoon. Taha’a is slightly larger than Raiatea, and the distance between them is only 2.5 miles, so they are close friends. Taha’a and Raiatea are only a 20-minute sail away, so be sure to spend your trip touring both islands. Since Taha’a produces 80% of the vanilla farmed in French Polynesia, it is nicknamed the “Vanilla Island.” Admire the island’s exquisite ivory-colored beaches and the delicate coral gardens near offshore, which you may explore with a snorkel.

  • Huahine

Huahine, sometimes called the “Garden of Eden” locally, is located next to Moorea. A real French Polynesian vacation on this charming island is ideal.  Many people believe that Huahine is the most stunning island in French Polynesia.

Of the two islands, the southernmost has the most excellent beaches and the most delightful slow-paced lifestyle. Instead, you’ll discover cozy, genuine guesthouses with friendly greetings.

  • Ahe

She is a tiny atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago that international visitors seldom visit. It is situated between Rangiroa and Maniti. This unspoiled sanctuary is perfect for a digital detox and an authentic off-grid island experience. Enjoy your days visiting the nearby black pearl farms, snorkeling amid the clouds of pink and orange fish, and having picnics on the small sandbanks scattered throughout the lagoon.

Pisonia grandis, a dense foliage tree, covers one of the Motus that encircles the lagoon. Because settlers removed native trees to make way for coconut palms, this is part of the only native woodland in French Polynesia.

Accommodations in French Polynesia

Accommodations in French Polynesia are generally costly, and the region is secluded. While premium accommodations can easily reach thousands of euros per night, cheaper options are often around €100+. To save some money, make reservations for self-catering accommodations, where you prepare your own meals, or choose pensions that provide meals as part of their package. If budget is no object, you can choose from amazing options like overwater bungalows and some of the most breathtaking vistas you will probably ever see from a hotel suite.

Accessing and Navigating French Polynesia

All travelers enter French Polynesia through the international airport in Papeete, on the island of Tahiti, unless they are sailing or cruising. Direct flights are available. The ideal way to take it if you’re flying from the UK is via Los Angeles or Auckland if you’re coming from Sydney.

Once there, you’ll need to take an aircraft between the islands and take a ferry to the nearby island of Moorea. Even though we only visited some islands in the Bora Bora-Tuamotu Pass, it was still less expensive than purchasing individual tickets.

Final Words

The beautiful and unique country of French Polynesia has much to offer everyone. The French Polynesian Islands’ warm beaches, abundant water sports, and rich cultural and historical background make them the perfect destination for a relaxing or exciting vacation. With a little preparation and research ahead of time, visitors may make the most of their time in this perfect South Pacific paradise. The French Polynesian Islands are a true dream destination; visiting them will be an incredible experience.

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