The Pink Moon: Reflections on Nature’s Beauty and Resilience

by Jahnvi Ahuja
Pink Moon

To avoid giving anything away, when you see the Pink Moon in April, although it may seem like a beautiful and infrequent event, you should remember that it occurs annually. Every month’s moon has an archaic name that ties to seasonal events.

When Will the Full Pink Moon Be Visible?

According to NASA, the full Pink Moon reached peak illumination in the United States on Tuesday, April 23, at 7:49 p.m. ET.

The agency said the moon appeared full for several days that week, from Monday morning to Thursday morning.

How Do You Define It?

So, what is a Pink Moon? Strangely, the word refers only to the bright pink flowers abundantly blooming beneath the moon, called wild ground phlox (Phlox subulata).

It has nothing to do with the Moon’s appearance. Native American tribes in the eastern United States are credited with coining “Pink Moon.” This phrase refers to the first full Moon of the year after the spring equinox.

Why Do We Call It a Pink Moon?

Because it occurs at the northern hemisphere’s spring equinox, it is known as a Pink Moon. Although the factors around that time of year are pink, the moon is not. Flowers are in full bloom as spring is in full swing in April.

A plant known as phlox, or moss phlox, is particularly blooming in North America. The name originates from the pink blanket that covers the ground. Pink blooms are also present in other parts of the northern hemisphere, such as the cherry blossoms in the northern regions of Asia, such as South Korea and Japan.

The full Moon is even more significant during the Pink Moon, which aligns with the season and shares a fundamental relationship with some of the most sacred days in all major world religions and cultures. Hanuman Jayanti, the Hindu celebration of Lord Hanuman’s birth, is observed on this day. The Pesach Moon, or Pink Moon, marks the start of Passover. It is known as Bak Poya in Sri Lankan Buddhism, remembering one of the Buddha’s journeys there.

It is a comfort that the light always comes back and a reminder of how circular life is.

Who Was the First to Refer to it as a Pink Moon?

An early method of determining the season was to utilize the lunar cycle. A lunar cycle lasts 29.5 days, so this is a complete month. Every lunar cycle contains thirteen full moons, the names of which were chosen to correspond with significant seasonal occurrences in the natural world.

This explains the nickname “Pink Moon” for April Pink Moon. It allowed humanity to record the seasons by giving the moon names. Since phlox is a widely distributed plant in North America, it is believed that the name Pink Moon is rooted in Native American culture.

What You Must Know About April 2024’s Pink Moon?

Scorpio, the sign in which the next Pink Moon will occur, is known for being fascinating—some might even say obsessed—with the shadow side of things. Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, relentlessly delves into one’s own and other people’s identities. The influence of Scorpio may help one gain a deeper understanding of the shadow side of oneself and other people, as unresolved issues often drive our emotions and behaviors.

The drawback of this shadow-seeking inclination is that it can cause us to fail to question our perceptions and presumptions. This full Moon in Scorpio is an excellent time to reflect on if you’ve been dwelling too much on the gloom. Your obsession may prevent you from seeing what else is happening in the scenario, relationship, or moment. Quietly, the Pink Moon is a gentle reminder to keep your eyes open for the positive rather than the bad.

Last Words

The Old Farmer’s Almanac states that the wild ground phlox, which blooms with pink flowers in the spring, is the source of the most famous nickname for the April moon: the Pink Moon.

Despite its name, this full moon will not stay pink in the sky all night. Similar to how the sky changes color at sunrise and sunset, the moon may occasionally appear to be a different color when it is low on the horizon, depending on atmospheric circumstances.

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