Cerberus Fortnite: A Guide to Find Location & Unlocking Skin

by Jahnvi Ahuja
Cerberus Fortnite

With the release of the newest season of Fortnite, everyone is racing to get their hands on the newest skins, with Cerberus Fortnite as one of the main looks for the brand-new Myths & Mortals theme. Cerberus, the hellhound, has joined in on the fun among gods such as Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite, and Hades. These gods have all been granted skins. Using the base skin doesn’t require much of your effort. Cerberus, which comes in three distinct forms, is a limited-time offer, available only until the conclusion of Chapter 5: Season 2. To obtain it, you must complete the necessary tasks and advance through the Battle Pass. This exclusivity adds a touch of prestige to the Cerberus skin. For a detailed explanation, continue reading to learn where to find the Cerberus boss battle and how to remove the monstrous watchdog’s skin in Fortnite.

An Extensive Analysis of Cerberus Fortnite

The Cerberus skin’s allure appears to stem from its legendary beginnings and association with Greek mythology. Cerberus’s depiction appeals to players who enjoy mythology and animals since it draws comparisons to other well-known characters like Medusa. Some people wish Cerberus had three heads. But others value the singularity of a one-headed interpretation that honors its historical roots while adding a contemporary spin. With its ghostly green color and biker-inspired style, the Cerberus skin has a distinct appearance that makes it stand out from other skins. Players seeking the right mix of unique and cool will find plenty to like in its ominous yet fashionable looks. These unique features of the Cerberus skin are sure to pique your interest.

What is the Location of the Cerberus Boss Battle in Fortnite?

The Cerberus boss battle takes place at the newly introduced Grim Gate, located in the northwest corner of the map, just south of Hades’ abode, The Underworld. Upon arrival, head into the courtyard where you’ll find an altar with a statue of Cerberus. Interacting with the altar will summon Cerberus, initiating the boss encounter.

Defeating Cerberus in Fortnite isn’t overly challenging, but be prepared for his deadly spin attack and powerful shotgun. It’s best to keep your distance and use an assault rifle or SMG to take him down. Once defeated, you’ll be rewarded with the Aspect of Agility medallion, granting you access to the Mythic Gatekeeper Shotgun and the ability to dash. To obtain the Cerberus skin, simply purchase the Chapter 5 Season 2 Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks (£ 6.99/$7.99) and equip the Epic costume from the Grim Gatekeeper set.

The Steps to Acquire Fortnite Immortal Cerberus Skin

In addition, two more Cerberus skins are up for grabs. The first is Immortal Cerberus, whose blue flames transform the hound into gold. To use the skin in battle, players must advance to level 8, obtain all of the page’s awards, and then claim Immortal Cerberus for nine Battle Stars.

Final Words

The other is Blazing Fire Cerberus Fortnite, a silver hound with vivid orange flames. Players must finish all weekly tasks in the Quest Rewards section for three weeks to unlock this skin. From April 7, 2024, the skin became available. The Epic Games Store offers Fortnite for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series X/S.

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