The Evolution of Precision with the Apple Pencil 2

by Jahnvi Ahuja
Apple pencil 2

Apple has improved the quality, added new capabilities, and redesigned the Apple Pencil 2. Although Apple did a tremendous job with this version, the pointing device still needs improvement.

For years, graphic designers and digital artists have relied on the Apple Pencil as their primary tool. The iPad Pencil, now in its second generation, works with all iPad models; however, the model you own will determine which Pencil model you can use. After several weeks of use, the new Apple Pencil significantly improves overall.

Features of the new Apple Pencil 2

While some people may find the first-generation Apple Pencil’s spherical form appealing, the new Apple Pencil 2, with its flat edge, feels and looks more natural. Our pointer finger has a greater grip since we can rest it on the flat edge.

Naturally, Apple included the flat edge primarily for charging purposes rather than for grasping the Pencil. The extremely cumbersome and counterintuitive method of charging your iPad by inserting the Pencil into its Lightning connection is no longer in use. The second-generation Apple Pencil charges by just placing it on the magnetic charger on your iPad’s upper edge. When you’re not using the original Pencil, you can neatly put it there instead of having it protrude out of the Lightning port, which would make you look like a crazy person

What’s New with the Pencil 2?

The Pencil 2 retains its full pressure and tilt sensitivity. However, one significant improvement exists!

Do you recall how, unlike Microsoft’s Surface Pen, the previous Pencil drew criticism for lacking an eraser feature? It does now; however, unlike the Surface Pen, you can erase with the back of the pencil without rotating it in your palm. Alternatively, double-tapping the Pencil can switch between your current and deleted tools. Since you won’t need to physically flip the Pencil around in your hand whenever you want to erase something, this is a more practical way to switch to the erased.


Writing using the new Apple Pencil 2. Generation is a pleasure. The pen is the perfect size and weight, and it feels comforting to feel the nib contact with the glass. Though there is some resistance when swiping the Pencil 2 across the screen, it’s more familiar than writing on paper.

The undetectable lag when writing with the new Pencil is the nicest feature. You can feel the responsiveness immediately when you slide the Pencil across the iPad Pro’s 120 Hz screen. You won’t likely notice the latency if you don’t look for it. This is an excellent tool for writing with a pencil.


The Pencil 2’s incompatibility with older iPad models is a drawback. Only the iPad Pro 12.9″ and 11″ (2018) and, we assume, later devices will be compatible with it.

You will have to use the original Apple Pencil, which is okay if you want to utilize a Pencil on an earlier iPad Pro or iPad 6th generation. Although it may be more difficult to store and charge, you can still draw with the original Pencil because it has the same writing requirements as the Pencil 2

Is It Expensive Than the Original?

Although it would have been awesome, the Apple Pencil is a separate purchase and isn’t included when purchasing a new iPad.

The Pencil 2 is launching at a higher price than its predecessor, exacerbating the situation. The new Pencil 2 costs $129, but the original could be purchased for $99—and still can. Oh well, Apple is increasing pricing on everything these days.

You probably won’t notice a significant difference if you’ve already spent much money on a new iPad Pro.

Is It Something You Should Invest in?

The answer is nearly always yes if you work as a designer or in any other creative, visual capacity. The Apple Pencil 2 is also a great option if you take a lot of notes but, for whatever reason, find that scribbling is more convenient or efficient than typing on a keyboard. In other words, buying one will make sense if you currently own an iPad Pro and use it for other purposes and want to add other uses to it. But it doesn’t make sense to buy a new iPad Pro and pencil to take notes digitally.

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