What Are the Essential Benefits of HIIT Workout?

by Thomas Martin
HIIT workout

Before we delve deeper into the important aspects of this exercise, let us find out what a HIIT workout is.

HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, has become popular. This is because it is an effective way of exercising and extends the same benefits as other forms of exercise.

What is a HIIT workout?

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training workout, is a form of exercise regimen comprising brief bursts of intense exercise preceded by a rest period or low-intensity exercise.

The period of intense exercise varies between less than 45 seconds and a few minutes. After this period, you rest or carry on with some form of gentle exercise for the same time as you did the intense exercise. You repeat the sequence, and it goes on like this.

How long does a HIIT workout last?

Ideally, the workout time for high-intensity interval training lasts 15 to 20 minutes. Nevertheless, it does offer a wide range of benefits. The biggest advantage of this exercise is that the duration is practical and best suited for people who need more time to exercise.

HIIT workout at home follows the same rules as well. You can stay away from a gym membership. Also, you will not require any equipment. So, this is a practical and realistic approach for super-busy individuals.

Having understood the HIIT workout concept, let us discover its benefits.

If you follow the rules of the exercise regimen, it can offer the best HIIT workout results that take you by surprise.

  1. Body fat reduction- As per a 2012 study, there is a steadier decrease in fat than other forms of exercise, like jogging.
  2. Improves metabolic and cardiovascular health – As per a 2015 study, a 10-week HIIT program showed results equivalent to moderate-intensity exercises. It helps in controlling blood pressure, sugar levels, and cholesterol.
  3. Improves mental health – As per the 2019 review, authors suggested that HIIT workouts addressed mental disorders like depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. A few studies were also performed to see results on schizophrenic patients. Most of these patients had little patience to exercise and especially motivation. For such individuals, HIIT was a great exercise that required less time.
  4. Time effective – For all busy professionals, this exercise regimen can give you excellent results just as you wished you could have without spending too much time on the same.

Timeline of the HIIT workout

Follow this below-

  1. 5 minutes of warmup
  2. 15 minutes of HIIT circuit
    1. 15 seconds of Intense exercise
    2. 10 seconds rest
    3. 15 seconds of intense exercise
    4. Rest for 20 seconds
    5. Intense exercise for 15 seconds
    6. Rest for 30 seconds
    7. Repeat 15 seconds of intense exercise
    8. Rest for 30 seconds
    9. Intense exercise for 15 seconds
    10. Rest for 40 seconds
    11. 15 seconds of intense exercise
    12. 50 seconds of rest

Repeat the above sequence for another three times. Follow it up with 5 minutes of stretching sessions to cool down.

You can either stop the exercise cycle during the rest periods or continue with gentle exercises like slow cycling and walking.

Aside from the benefits of HIIT workouts mentioned above, many others have been established with many studies.

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