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by Thomas Martin
Seville walking tour

Seville is the provincial capital of Andalusia and is also the largest city. It is located in the southwest of Spain and on the banks of Guadalquivir. As per ancient tradition, Seville was founded by Hercules. In this regard, a Seville walking tour will take you through this gorgeous, magical city.

Walking Tours in Seville

Below are details of some walking tours you can enjoy in Seville.

  • Devour Food Tours

Seville is home to more than 3,000 tapas bars. Although there are food tours, the four-hour Tastes, Tapas, and Traditions tour will take you through the market and to the Tapas bars.

  • White Umbrella Tours

The White Umbrella Tours organizes a free walking tour. Aside from that, you can walk through Santa Cruz and the Jewish Quarter. Visit the old churches, the city, and the synagogues. You will hear old stories of the locals and famous people like Washington Irving, the American writer.

  • Guias and Tours

Guias and Tours organizes the Mysteries and Legends Tour. This Seville walking tour will allow you to enjoy the city’s paranormal tales and infamous stories. Plagues, spooky happenings, and ghost sightings date back to the 13th century.

  • Conoce Mi Ciudad

If you are interested in just a few city highlights, namely, Alcazar and the Cathedral, opt for the “skip-the-line tour.” Other attractions that appeal to visitors include the Games of Thrones and the palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tour lasts around three hours and consists of the architectural marvel of the Gothic cathedral.

Who Conducts the Seville Walking Tours?

Walking tours are conducted in this city by different groups. These include the following-

  • The local tourism office organizes these tours led by the local government or the city officials.
  • A historical institution or a community group offers walking tours.
  • A private company that has specialized in a Seville walking tour.
  • A hotel or hostel that organizes cultural activities for their guests. They hire guides for the services.

What is the Use of Seville Walking Tours?

If you have joined a walking tour group, you can get a closer look at the destinations up close and personal. You will also have a greater understanding of the history, cuisine, local lifestyle, and so on of the place and the people. This may not be possible if you are traveling in a vehicle.

Why is a Seville Walking Tour Popular?

Seville is a city that is easily walkable. As such, you can travel from one place to another with ease. For instance, you can walk to the city center from the Plaza del Salvador or the Giralda Tower. In short, the Seville walking tour is a tour for a better understanding of the culture and history of the place. The tour is undertaken on foot. The duration of these tours can be from one hour to several hours. The places covered on these walking tours include trips to multiple locations of historical, political, architectural, cultural, and geological importance.

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