Which Manicure Is Best for You? Know Your Options

by Thomas Martin

Beautiful and well-kept nails are a must for maintaining beautiful hands with the help of a manicure or a beauty treatment of the hands. The beauty treatment focuses mainly on the nails to maintain their proper size and shape and make the hands attractive. However, ensuring that the nails are healthy and that the beauty treatment works best and lasts longer is essential. The looks are enough to distinguish healthy fingernails from unhealthy ones. Nails with dents, ridges, or spots with unusual colors are unhealthy, and even the best beauty treatment will only last a while. Moreover, the nails might become brittle and prone to damage, wasting money on beautifying nails and hands. Only healthy nails create long-lasting and beautiful hands.

Nail care should precede manicure

Caring for your fingernails begins with practicing good hygiene and other techniques described below.

Maintain good hygiene – Use sharp scissors or clippers and trim your nails regularly. First, trim the nails straight and then round the tips to maintain smooth curves.

Keep the fingernails clean and dry – Moist hands and fingernails are prone to bacterial growth that starts under your fingernails.  When your hands are wet for a long time, it can result in split fingernails. Protect your hands by wearing cotton-lined gloves when working with water, and avoid using harsh chemicals for cleaning clothes or washing utensils.

Keep the nails moisturized – When you use some hand lotion, rub it into your fingernails and cuticles, too.

Use a nail hardener – Applying a nail hardener creates a protective layer and strengthens the nails.

Consume biotin – Ask your doctor if it is good for you to consume biotin, which, according to some research, can prevent the brittleness of nails and strengthen it.

Once you ensure healthy nails, you can beautify those with proper shaping and protection by cutting and filing, besides applying some protective layer of shellac, color, and polish. Professional beauticians specializing in manicures are the best people to ensure the best care for your fingernails that look beautiful.

Types of manicure

The basics of fingernail beauty treatments are the same regardless of the nail beautification goals. It includes cutting, filing to shape the fingernails, pushing back the cuticles, and finishing the process with a hand massage. Completing the beautification consists of painting the nails with your chosen color, a personal choice according to your style preference. Many types of fingernail beautification techniques are popular worldwide, and here are some options you can try out.

French manicure

The fingernail beautification technique is one of the oldest beauty treatments, having gained popularity in Hollywood since the 1930s. A traditional French manicure consists of a sheer or light pink base with the nail tips painted bright white. The beautician might use a stencil to maintain precision and a proper distinction between the colors. To create a protective layer and ensure that the colors last longer, it has been common to varnish the whole nail with a clear topcoat that gives a natural polished appearance.

French manicure takes a minimalist approach and avoids the use of loud colors. Instead, the technique replicates the nail’s beauty and natural colors. Still, it emphasizes creating a subtle demarcation between the nail bed and nail tip to create an elegant look. The styling is perfect for all occasions, including special days and daily engagements.

Using the simple natural tones of your nails in a French manicure ensures a seamless blending of your nail color with all other colorful outfits you might wear from time to time. It’s also why brides and bridal parties choose the beauty treatment, as it perfectly matches white wedding gowns.

The nail beautification technique remains globally popular for women who prefer fashionable manicures.

Russian manicure

The TikTok age manicure is a more befitting name for the Russian manicure that owes its popularity greatly to TikTok, the viral video-sharing platform. The specialty of the manicure technique is evident from the immaculate painting of your nails while protecting your skin thoroughly. The Europeans helped spread the popularity of the nail beautification technique, which is now widespread across the US. The manicure is unique because of its intricacy and attention to detail, but its controversy also drew more attention. 

The manicure is unique because of the cuticle work that sets it apart from traditional nail beautification techniques. To remove the cuticle, the manicurist uses an electric filer that opens the eponychium and facilitates cuticle removal. The technique allows deep access into the pocket. It facilitates penetration of the gel polish or nail polish under the nail, creating a flawless finish that appears to have the touch of a Photoshop finish.

A controversial procedure

As told earlier, despite the popularity, Russian manicure is a controversial technique primarily because of the deep penetration that it aims to achieve. Although the cuticle or the white flakes at the base of the nails are easy to remove. This procedure involves removing the seal or eponychium at the junction where the nail meets the skin. The controversy arises due to differences in opinion among people about how much to cut and what shouldn’t be cut.

Gel manicure

Gel polish manicure is another technique that uses a soft gel as polish. The gel covers the nail fully and lasts for at least a fortnight, even might stretch up to four weeks. Applying the polish results in shiny nails as the polish remains steadfast without cracking, chipping, or peeling. To adhere firmly to the nails, the manicurist cures the polish under LED or UV light that hardens the layer as a chemical process sets in. The manicurist then removes a sticky layer on the surface by wiping the surface with a lint-free wipe soaked in rubbing alcohol or any other highly concentrated alcohol.

Consider your style and the longevity of nail beautification to decide which kind of manicure suits you best.

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