The xbox series x: Setting New Standards in gaming world

by Thomas Martin
xbox series x

The Microsoft xbox series x was released after a protracted wait, but it wasn’t until lately that you could lay your hands on one. The Series X is the most powerful console the firm has ever released, thanks to its updated hardware and redesigned design. The Series X is a strong contender in the never-ending Xbox vs. PlayStation debate.

Additionally, it’s merely one of Microsoft’s next-generation consoles; the Xbox Series S is a more affordable option. Please refer to our comprehensive comparison if you have trouble deciding between the Series X and S. However, we review everything you should know about the xbox series x in more detail in this article.


Microsoft’s cloud streaming service, Xbox Cloud Gaming, an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate component, is a new addition to the Xbox ecosystem. By doing this, you can skip the install, update, and download processes and start playing the game or demo straight away. It is currently accessible on consoles, PCs, and mobile devices.

Microsoft has a significant edge over other emerging cloud gaming platforms because of its access to the vast Xbox content collection. For those who would want to stream straight from their console to mobile devices, there is also Remote Play. Although you will still have some input lag when playing, this is far more stable. Even so, it’s a valuable tool in case someone else wants to watch TV and you’re not quite ready to give it up. If you have the games installed on your system and have paid for them, this is also the only option to stream them that aren’t available on Xbox Game Pass.


With specs up to four times higher than the Xbox One family, the xbox series x is a vast improvement over its predecessor.

For extra storage, the console has an expansion slot in the back that plugs directly into the motherboard to deliver the same incredible speeds. The objectives are reducing loading times to the absolute lowest and offering lightning-fast environment rendering. In addition to the upgraded internals, the Series X has a Blu-Ray disc reader that lets you watch and play your preferred movies and games in 4K, HDR10, and Dolby Vision.

Controller for the xbox series x

The new xbox series x controller design, seen above, is another noteworthy update for the Series X. Although the Xbox Series X controllers are slightly more ergonomic than their predecessors, they are primarily recognizable.

The triggers and bumpers of the controller have a textured surface, and its button layout is almost exactly the same as earlier controllers. The back of the controller has a rubberized surface for improved comfort and grip, especially during prolonged play sessions.

The most notable modification is that the enhanced design from the high-end Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 has replaced the D-pad. It should significantly improve the precision of inputs, especially when playing fighting games. Microsoft also unveiled a button for sharing screenshots. It will eliminate the need for awkward connections and adapters and enable you to record and share gameplay.

Games on this console

Let’s face it: the xbox series x‘s original launch library wasn’t the best. Many of the best next-generation games were postponed until 2021 and beyond, primarily due to COVID-19, and most launch titles were merely “upgraded” versions of last-generation games and content from third parties. Even so, the library has expanded since its launch, when it only had a respectable 30 games at first; the true killer app is still missing.

A large number of new xbox series x games support Microsoft’s Smart Delivery feature. If you purchase one of these titles for the older Xbox One system, you will receive the enhanced Xbox Series X or S version for free. Additionally, a few of these titles will be paid for each month on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Should you buy the Xbox Series X?

The xbox series x is a noteworthy improvement over its predecessor and has the same launch price as the Xbox One X from 2017. The console has many advantages for purchasers. It is strong, has fantastic backward compatibility, and is well-positioned with Xbox Game Pass. All things considered, it provides excellent power and value for the money.

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