A Paradigm Shift in Cloud Gaming with Jio Cloud Gaming

by Thomas Martin
Jio cloud gaming

Jio GamesCloud, Reliance Jio’s proprietary platform, would be used to introduce cloud gaming to the Indian market at the start of 2023. Since then, Jio GamesCloud has been in beta testing, and the platform has just released a brand-new deal. With their new free trial, interested players may now test out Jio cloud gaming for free for the first 30 days.

Jio GamesCloud Game Streaming: What Is It?

Jio GamesCloud, as the name implies, is an Indian cloud gaming platform that Reliance Jio introduced. It’s an online cloud gaming platform like the now-canceled Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia GeForce Now, and others. Without downloading them to your device, you can play desktop-level games on your computer, tablet, TV, smartphone, and Jio’s STB box. These games include AAA titles and casual games. Jio’s cloud servers are where the games are installed, and you may play them via device streaming. High-end PCs and gaming consoles are not necessary to play graphics-intensive games.

The platform is currently under beta testing, and the only people who may use it are those who are part of the Early Access Program. Regarding the back-end infrastructure, the Jio gaming cloud uses GeForceNow technology and has worked with Nvidia.

Is It Free to Use Jio Cloud Gaming?

Currently, anyone can use Jio GamesCloud for free and sign up for the Early Access Program to play the games available on their devices. Even using the Reliance Jio network is not required. However, Jio states that to play games on Jio cloud gaming, you must pay a monthly charge after the platform leaves the beta test. Yes, its beta version is available for free right now.

With Cloud Pro, players can enjoy premium cloud games with 1080p at 30/60 frames per second. They will be able to play on any device they choose and will have endless gameplay. In addition, they will only see limited advertisements and can terminate their subscription whenever they want.

The Games Available on Jio GamesCloud

As previously stated, Jio GamesCloud cannot sync your collection of online games from Steam and other gaming services. Only a few games are currently playable in Jio GamesCloud’s beta version. Shadow Tactics, The Uncertain, God’s Trigger, Deliver Us the Moon, Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Saints Row are a few of them.

Numerous genres, such as Adventure, Action, Casual, Platform, Puzzle, Racing, and Sports, have been assigned to the collection. You can choose from a range of games: Kick Off, Redout, Ice Age, Kill It with Fire, Steel Rats, Among the Sleep, and Grip: Combat Racing.

How to Register and Start Playing Games?

If you don’t utilize Jio, you may still sign up and play games on Jio GamesCloud without restriction. It’s free to use right now, but after the Beta program finishes, there will be a monthly fee. Although we are trying Jio GamesCloud in a browser on a Chromebook for this tutorial, the procedures are the same for other devices as well. Now let’s examine how it functions:

  1. To begin using Jio GamesCloud, go to its official website. Next, to create a free account, enter your phone number and verify with an OTP.
  2. Next, select “Play Now” when you have selected a game to play.
  3. At this point, Jio GamesCloud will ask you to sign up for the “Early Access Program.” After completing the necessary fields, press “Submit.” The procedure is also unchanged for mobile devices.
  4. To be added to the whitelist, log out and wait five minutes. Proceed and log back into Jio GamesCloud now. Select the game of your choosing, then click “Play Now.”
  5. The game will then begin loading in a new window that opens. To continue the game, press any key at this point.
  6. You can select the bitrate and resolution (up to 1080p) at the bottom. One can also click on its icon to turn the controller on or off.
  7. The game will now launch, allowing you to play with little difficulty. The WASD controls and mouse support function flawlessly on the desktop. It will instantly connect to your controller, which you can use.

That’s all there is to know about Jio cloud gaming, Reliance Jio ‘s new cloud gaming streaming service. We have covered every aspect of how to play games on Jio GamesClouds, including requirements, pricing, controller support, performance, and game catalog.

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