Toyota Hilux: A Masterpiece on Four Wheels

by Thomas Martin
Toyota Hilux

You have undoubtedly heard of the Toyota Hilux but haven’t seen it in person, much like the Abominable Snowman. The fabled truck has been available for purchase in India for about a year, but reports of sightings on Indian roads are relatively recent. Maybe those who purchased one quickly embarked on an expedition to find the actual Snowman in the Himalayas.

Cost of Toyota Hilux

In this introduction, it’s crucial to emphasize that the Hilux is the Fortuner’s pickup derivative. The Toyota Hilux 2023 has a modified rear suspension system but the ladder-frame chassis, 2.8-liter diesel engine, and 4×4 hardware are identical. The cost is comparable to that of entry-level Fortuners. Starting at Rs 33.99 lakh, the Hilux series is priced at Rs 36.99 lakh for the top-spec model with an automatic transmission.

The Features

  • Measurements, Style, and Cargo Bed

First things come first. The Toyota Hilux is huge. Its length, 5.3 meters, surpasses that of a Mercedes S-Class, and its size is further enhanced by a cabin elevated above the ground. Even though the Hilux is imposing on its own, it takes on a more serious appearance when it is equipped with larger tires, auxiliary lights, winches, and other accessories. That’s why the Hilux appeals to so many people.

The Hilux is available in India as a double cab, a four-door cabin with two rows of seats in front of a sizable cargo bed. The frontal appearance gives the standard pickup design a distinct Toyota aesthetic. A cottage industry helps you customize the appearance of your Hilux, and Toyota offers a selection of accessories for your vehicle that includes a cargo bed tent and canopy.

A fold-down tailgate supported by hydraulic struts on both sides provides access to the cargo bed. The well-shaped bed can accommodate a lot of agricultural products or adventure gear. It is high-set, however, so you’ll need assistance getting anything up and down.

  • Interior

Because the Hilux is tall, you must step into the high-set cabin and grip the pillars to pull yourself up. The Hilux’s interior cannot disguise its practical origins, and the truth is that it isn’t worth Rs 35 lakh. Soft-touch materials are limited to the seats, the roof lining is simple, and the plastics are hard.

The straightforward dashboard design may not wow you, either. However, as this car is meant to be your mobile home, it excels in that regard and has many valuable features. Bottle holders are located on every door, along with two big gloveboxes, a compartment between the front seats that have a convenient 2-pin charging outlet, fold-out cupholders at each end of the dashboard, and another pair of cupholders at the base of the center console.

Overall Performance

The Fortuner and the Hilux have the same diesel engine. This 2.8-liter, 204-hp diesel produces 500 Nm when paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission and 420 Nm when driven manually. The Hilux feels powerful on the road; therefore, the power statistics carry over. It picks up speed rather quickly, and there’s always the impression that more power is possible.

Although the engine can be noisy when rushed, a pickup’s noise levels are reasonable. The 6-speed automatic gearbox also performs nicely. Smooth shifts occur, and in Sport mode, it responds to hand inputs at the gear lever and is gratifyingly active. No paddle shifters, before you ask.

Ride and Control

The Hilux struggles in the metropolis. Its large turning radius guarantees that you will always be causing traffic jams when making U-turns, and its heavy steering makes it difficult to maneuver. The back camera and parking sensors help to eliminate some of the guesswork involved in parking, but good luck finding a spot big enough for it.

Positively, the Hilux’s size and weight provide excellent confidence when traveling at greater speeds. It turns relatively smoothly, though it’s not very agile. Long, twisting turns do require the steering to be adjusted minutely.

Final Words

Adventure and travel are the hallmarks of lifestyle pickup trucks, and the Toyota Hilux excels in these areas. Few SUVs can go where they can, and you can feel secure knowing that everything will function as it should even in the worst of circumstances. The Hilux might be all the car you need if the advantages exceed the disadvantages and you’re expressly seeking a tool to get you off the map.

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