Mango Salsa: Your Accompaniment for Many Food and Snacks

by Thomas Martin
Mango Salsa

Although native to Southeast Asia and India, Mango enjoys high global popularity. The juicy fruit is ideal for making highly tasty, delicious, refreshing drinks called salsa. In supermarkets, you will find readymade mango salsa in the fresh produce section and even available in bags as frozen fruit. The produce of tropical Asian countries is a chef’s delight across the globe because of the numerous options for blending and mixing to produce anything from heady cocktails to dreamy desserts and salsas. Consuming crushed mangoes in various forms is popular in Western countries. But in Southeast Asia and India, consuming mango with sticky rice or plain rice is a staple during summer. In addition, making aam panna, an excellent summer coolant that aids oral rehydration, is highly prevalent in Oriental countries, especially India.

What Is Mango Salsa?

The universal appeal of Mango is evident in its use for salsa recipes. It originated from Central and South America during the Columbian era dominated by the European invaders from Spain.  Salsa is a fresh sauce native to Spain, and the Spanish invaders developed a salsa of Mango by blending some local ingredients with it. Only ripe mangos are suitable for salsa making, and you should test the mango for ripeness instead of depending on color to get the right amount of sweetness. Press a mango lightly with your hand and then squeeze it gently. If it is easy to press the mango and the fingers go deep inside to get a feel of the soft flesh, you can be sure that the mango is ripe enough for preparing salsa.

Serve Fresh

To ensure the most delightful taste, preparing the salsa from fresh mangoes is advisable. However, you can preserve mangoes for up to 4 days in air-tight containers inside a refrigerator. Although the stored mangos help prepare salsa, their softness increases during longer storage, and even the texture of salsa changes. Avoid freezing salsa as its color would change, and the taste might not be as good when served fresh.

Since preparing salsa from mango takes little time, about 10 minutes, if you include the time taken to assemble the other ingredients such as jalapeno, fresh cilantro, red onion, lime juice, salt, and pepper, serving it fresh is always easy.

Although mango is the sole fruit in Mango Salsa, you will come across many other recipes that are slightly different from the typical mango salsa recipe.

Try your hand at mango salsa

Take 3 ripe mangoes, half a cup of red onion, and one medium-sized red bell pepper. Slice and dice these after peeling off the mangoes and mix these with one sliced jalapeno and the juice of one large lime in a bowl. Add chopped cilantro to the mix while gently dripping the lime juice. Add salt to give completeness to the mixture and acquire the right taste. Toss well to ensure an even mix, so you get the taste of all the salsa ingredients when it touches your tongue.

How to Ensure the Best Result?

Playing the game by the rules is essential, but to excel in the game, you need to do something more by doing something extra that many others might overlook or ignore.

  • Use only fully ripe mangoes that are juicy, have a splendid flavor, and are sweet. Less ripe mangoes have a bland taste and are fibrous, which can ruin the taste of salsa.
  • Avoid using excessively ripe mangoes, as these can spoil the salsa. If you have ripe mangoes ready for immediate use but defer your plan of making salsa, then you must prevent them from further ripening by putting them in a refrigerator.
  • To ensure even distribution, chop the mangoes and other ingredients carefully to ensure that these are about half an inch in size.
  • As Jalapeno adds taste, ascertain the right amount for you. Although a single Jalapeno is the standard recipe, you might use two or three Jalapenos to make your salsa most tasteful. More Jalapeno means more kick you get from the salsa, and you can adjust the amount gradually by tasting the salsa intermittently while preparing.

What to Eat With Mango Salsa?

Chips are just one of the accompaniments of Mango Salsa that you can consume with almost everything. Whether you prefer Mexican foods or a Mediterranean diet, the salsa is like the joker in the pack. It goes well with a variety of foods that you can think of. The salsa is the perfect accompaniment for Burrito bowls, tacos, or Mexican salads, and it is equally compatible with salmon or spicy Cajun Chicken. Depending on your choice of food, you can tailor the taste of salsa to get the most from it by altering the recipe. You might even add avocado to the salsa, which converts into a salad.

Add A Bit of More Sweetness to Your Mango Salsa

Fresh ripe mangoes with a sweet-tart taste are the main ingredient of pineapple mango salsa. Slices of pineapple make the salsa taste sweeter, albeit salty. An incredibly delicious salsa made from mangoes and pineapples is a delight for food lovers who savor unique appetizers that can even double as the snack they seek. Serving alongside chips or any of your favorite restaurant snacks can result in an explosive treat.

It takes only about five minutes to make the salsa in a large mixing bowl, which comes in savory and fruity flavors. The ingredients include one pineapple to form the main base, two mangos to add flavor and color, one red bell pepper, one red onion, half a cup of cilantro, lime juice extracted from two limes that make for ¼ cup of lime juice, and 1 tsp salt.

Take the chopped pieces of the ingredients in the bowl, pour lime juice into it, and add salt. Stir the contents until the mixture attains uniform dispersion and the contents become coated.

Besides taking the Mango salsa draped with pineapple and chips, you can take it with fish, steak, chicken, or salad. 

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