A Useful Guide to 6 Thoughtful Work from Home Gifts

by Thomas Martin
work from home gifts

The last few years have undoubtedly changed lifestyles, with many people choosing to work partially or full-time from home offices. Due to this, a whole new Christmas shopping market has emerged, with consumers looking for gifts for remote workers. We have assembled the top work from home gifts that have improved our home office.

Why Present Employees with Gifts?

Gifts for people who work from home are a kind gesture; they also express gratitude and serve as a possible incentive for diligent work. A meaningful gift will make the recipient feel valued and inspired to put in more effort.

Gifts can be used as a motivator to reach objectives. For instance, informing staff members that they would receive a specific present upon reaching a goal can encourage them to reach it more quickly and effectively than they otherwise would.

Top 6 Ideas for Work from Home Gifts

To build the ideal workspace, we have discovered fantastic office equipment, accessories, tech, and décor through trial and error. These work from home gifts suggestions should inspire you to think outside the box when selecting the ideal Christmas present for a friend or family member who works remotely or from home. So let’s go shopping for the essential presents for your loved one who works remotely.

  • Ring Light

We have a lot of video calls and online meetings in the modern world. To boost your confidence during a job interview or presentation, a ring light is a terrific addition to a home office. Most desktop computers are oriented toward a wall, a corner, or a kitchen table. Laptops are portable, but the lighting needs to be quite right. Our faces were brightened, the shadows were mellowed, and our skin tone was balanced after we invested in a high-quality video conference lighting set.

  • Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones or earbuds are among the best presents for your favorite remote worker constantly distracted at home. It drowns out every sound. Sometimes, we just turn on our headphones for silence when we truly need to focus. We both utilize them on Zoom calls as well as during joint interviews.

  • Smart Water Bottle

Remaining hydrated is a challenge when working from home. The Water H Smart Water Bottle keeps track of how much water you drink daily and even lets you know when it’s time to hydrate. You may adjust the frequency and preference of reminders using helpful software you can download for your iPhone or Android device. Since it records your daily intake, keeping tabs on how much you drink is quite simple.

  • Coffee Mug

Are you trying to find a simple gift for a particular remote worker? For less than $25, a quirky coffee cup is a simple stocking stuffer or present. A smart mug is an excellent alternative to a coffee mug if you’re willing to spend a little on one because it keeps hot liquids warm. Hot beverages stay warm for up to ninety minutes in the Next Mug Temperature Control Smart Mug.

  • Lumbar Support Cushion

Spending a lot of time in an office chair is unhealthy. However, that’s a requirement of the position. Although an ergonomic office chair may be beyond your budget, a lumbar support seat cushion is an ideal present to help with desk sitting. Its precisely shaped memory foam will ease your sore muscles.

  • Lap Desk

Working from home has the benefit of allowing us to change things up. So we took out our laptop and set it up on the couch using a lap desk with an iPhone holder and a mouse pad attached. This is a fantastic present for the remote worker, who can use it for working or watching TV in bed.


While team-building exercises during conference calls might boost morale, we’ll explain suggestions for work from home gifts in this article. Although giving your staff presents may seem a bit extravagant, they have several advantages. They are respectful and courteous, which is what every team needs. It also conveys your appreciation for them, boosting their output. You may even use it to manage your distant staff.

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