Can LED Facial Make You Beautiful and a Head-Turner?

by Thomas Martin
LED facial

Our lives are being ruled by new technology now and then. On this note, how can skin care be far behind? If you are wondering from the title how light can make you beautiful, let us find out the role of LED facial in your journey to being beautiful. Let us find out more about the topic under the following subcategories.

What is LED facial?

Different names know an LED facial. You might come across terms like LED light therapy, low-level light therapy, LED face treatment, and phototherapy. This is part of a hi-tech skin care treatment. In this therapy, lights of varying wavelengths address many skin disorders and enhance skin appearance. Being a non-invasive treatment, it is a game changer in skin treatment. Let us find out more about the same in the other sub-topics.

How Does LED Light Facial Work?

LED is the acronym for light-emitting diode. LED facial works when infrared lights are emitted at different wavelengths. The procedure’s main purpose is to reduce the appearance of skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, skin cancer, dermatitis, aging skin, and sun damage. The LED light facial uses a single light wavelength or a combination of more.

Benefits of LED light for the Face

Whether you are targeting a particular skin condition or wish to improve skin texture and appearance,an LED facial is a good option. See the benefits that you will reap from this light therapy for yourself in the points below-

  • It reduces inflammation
  • It kills bacteria that cause acne
  • Reduces signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improves production of collagen
  • Clears the appearance of scars
  • Stimulates better blood circulation of the skin
  • Brightens skin
  • Tightens skin

    What is the Spectrum of Light Used in LED Facial?

      The use the following types of lights (LED)  in this therapy. These are-

      • Orange light- Improves aging signs, boosts collagen production, and stimulates better blood circulation.
      • Purple light – Telomeres of DNA reduced in cell and enhances cell regeneration. It leads to skin rejuvenation.
      • Blue light – It kills bacteria that lead to breakouts and acne. Purifies skin, stabilizes the oil glands, and produces a soothing effect for inflammation.
      • Cyan light is helpful if you have mild to moderate acne. It helps in collagen production and addresses inflammation and redness.
      • Yellow light – Helps reduce redness, sunburns, and inflammation. A wide range of skin conditions are healed and lead to skin rejuvenation.
      • Red light – It helps in the improvement of signs of aging and scarring. It reduces inflammation and enhances blood circulation.
      • Greenlight – It targets dark circles. This wavelength of light addresses broken capillaries, sunspots, and pigmentation. In LED facials, this light also has a calming effect on the skin and stimulates the same.

      The LED facial is an advanced form of skin treatment. With the help of this new technology, you can change your dull and uneven face or skin into something magical!

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