The Ultimate Guide for How to Remove Gel Nail Polish

by Jahnvi Ahuja
how to remove gel nail polish

When the gel manicure starts to loosen at the borders, do you ever find yourself inclined to take it all off? Never do that! We will teach you the proper method for removing gel nail polish at home without causing long-term harm. Are you concerned that removing gel polish at home can damage your nails? It’s not just you. This tutorial will show you how to remove gel nail polish at home safely and efficiently, maintaining the health and beauty of your nails in the process.

Essentials for Removing Gel Nails at Home

Prior to starting, gather the following supplies to remove gel nail polish:

  • A 180-grit nail file
  • A cuticle stick or cuticle pusher
  • Cotton balls or pads that are devoid of lint
  • A complete acetone
  • An emery boards
  • Aluminum foil
  • Cutaneous oil

The main tools required to remove gel nail polish at home are a cuticle pusher, acetone, cotton balls (or pads), aluminum foil, and a nail filer. Although they are optional, cuticle oil and nail buffers are extra supplies that support the upkeep of strong nails.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish? 6 Simple Steps to Follow

You now know your options for doing a DIY gel manicure removal. This is a simple, step-by-step tutorial on how to remove gel nail polish that will show you how to remove gel nails at home.

  • Use a Nail File to Fix Your Nail Bed

Once the gel top coat layer is no longer smooth and shiny, file down the layer using a coarse nail file. Cut off all of the nails. Gently file your nail from the cuticle to the edge using the flat face of a nail filer, moving left to right.

You may see the gel polish on your nail plate by filing down the gel top coat. This will make utilizing the acetone you’ll use later to remove the gel polish easier.

  • Add Acetone to a Cotton Pad or Ball

If you plan to use cotton balls, be sure they are large enough to cover the nail bed and thin enough. The cotton ball shouldn’t be large enough to protrude past the edge and come into contact with the surrounding skin or cuticles. Next, dunk a cotton ball into acetone until damp but not soggy.

  • Cover the Tip of the Finger with Aluminum Foil

Start wrapping the fingertip with the previously prepared 3×3-inch pre-cut aluminum foil to secure the moistened cotton ball in place. You can now repeat steps 2 and 3 for every nail on your body until all your fingers have cotton balls inside them and are covered in aluminum foil.

Let the acetone soak into the gel polish for ten minutes after wrapping each nail. The gel nail paint should be softer and bubble or curl after ten minutes. This implies the cotton ball and foil can be pinched off the nail.

  • Utilizing a Cuticle Stick to Eliminate Gel Polish

You may gradually remove it from each nail by pressing off the gel polish with an orangewood stick or a metal cuticle pusher. Give the nail another five minutes of acetone cotton ball soaking if the gel polish needs to come off quickly.

  • Smooth Your Nails

Smooth the surface of your nails by gently buffing away any ridges or uneven edges. Remember that excessive buffing might weaken the nail plate and degrade the gel paint’s adhesion and your nails.

  • Use Cuticle Oil on Your Nails

Your skin and nails will suffer if you remove gel paint with acetone. The acetone causes your skin to get dry and your nails to grow harsh to the touch. Use cuticle oil to rehydrate your cuticles to keep solid and healthy nails.

After that, give your cuticles a thorough massage with cuticle oil. It’s impossible to use too much cuticle oil.

Applying a Gel Nail Remover

If you don’t have the essential goods or are short on time, consider gel nail polish remover instead of foil and cotton balls dipped in acetone.

  • It takes five minutes to remove gel polish
  • Simple to use
  • Not harmful to your nails
  • Eliminates foil wrapping bother
  • Do not attend nail salons.
  • Not a strong smell
  • Travel-friendly size
  • Works with conventional nail lacquer, gel polish, acrylic, and dip powder.

Compared to the traditional method of removing gel nails, gel nail paint removers are easier to use, don’t damage your nails, and require fewer tools.


Now you know how to remove gel nail polish. Taking off gel nail paint at home may be a quick and safe procedure if done correctly. You can have a clean slate for your next manicure without sacrificing the health of your nails by following these instructions and taking the time to take care of them afterward. Remember to file softly, apply enough acetone, and get enough water to keep healthy and attractive nails.

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