What Are Some of the Best Steam Deck Games?

by Thomas Martin
best Steam deck games

 PC gamers keen to play games anytime and from anywhere would find the Steam deck games most enjoyable. Steam Deck is a portable gaming device that has become a favorite among PC gamers comfortable playing games on hand-held devices. Although the hand-held device ensures high portability, all games in the Steam library might need to be better to enjoy with Steam Deck despite compatibility. After all, device compatibility of the games does not indicate how enjoyable these will be on smaller screens. Therefore, if you plan to play some of the best Steam deck games, this article should be a ready reckoner. Steam Deck allows gaming enthusiasts to expand their horizons by installing Epic Games Store on Steam Deck. 

The high appeal of the best Steam deck games

Steam Deck gives easy access to the vast library of games that were once playable on PCs. The device is like a hand-held mini-computer duly optimized to accommodate the massive library of games available on Steam, the marketplace created by Valve, the maker of the games. The hand-held device that has been around for a year has become a favorite among PC gamers as they can play the best games on Steam Deck as they would enjoy on PCs. To be sure which games are best for playing with Steam Deck, look for games that bear the ‘Deck Verified’ mark so you can readily start playing any chosen game.

To simplify things, you can quickly look at some of the best games on the Steam deck discussed here.

Cup Head

Studio MDHR developed and published the game in 2017. It soon became famous because of the hand-drawn art style resembling Disney cartoons and its challenging gameplay. The game revolves around Cuphead and his brother Mugman, who keep battling difficult bosses to pay back the debt they owe to the devil. The game goes through various difficulty levels featuring a variety of abilities, weapons, and bosses.

The hand-drawn art style suits the handheld console as the style isn’t too demanding graphically, and the battery lasts about 4-5 hours. The game has the right kind of control bindings, and the players can rebind them in the game. Cuphead is a game that you can enjoy on the go.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a 2D game that highlights a knight’s exploration of a fallen kingdom, Hollownest. The domain is in the doldrums due to a rampaging supernatural infection. The game has various NPCs to interact with, features diverse locations, and a melee of flexible combat systems. Players can unlock new abilities throughout the journey; they can fight various and varied groups of bosses and savor the text, which makes the story more intriguing.

Hollowknight is one of the many games best for Steam Deck, which enhances the enjoyment of playing the game on a small handheld device. The screen resolution and control bindings are perfect, and the battery can last more than five hours with proper optimization. The battery life plays a vital role in enhancing the appeal of the game played on Steam Deck.

Card Shark

The card game’s name seems most appropriate concerning the gameplay that allows you to slowly grow your inventory of card tricks by fooling your opponents and becoming wealthier as time passes. You must start slowly as you keep learning the ropes and exchange signals with your partner. Soon, you can quickly shift gears as you know the trick of shuffling the deck in your favor. Be alert to perform the actions efficiently to avoid fellow players becoming suspicious of your moves.

Never should you allow them to get any hint about what you are up to. The intriguing game flourishes on impressive dialogues, beautiful graphics, and a tremendous soundtrack. The soundtrack keeps ringing in your ears for a long time, even after you finish the game. The best Steam deck games underscore the importance of portability in popularizing computer games on handheld devices, which otherwise used to be a staple of PC gamers only.

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