A Journey into Top 5 Iconic Mortal Kombat Characters

by Thomas Martin
mortal kombat characters

Mortal Kombat is a fighting game that has gained popularity worldwide since its release in 1992. Currently, the company is publishing in-depth Mortal Kombat games on multiple platforms, making the game even more popular. Despite having just Mortal Kombat characters (plus three unplayable fighters) in the original game, Mortal Kombat has amassed a large cast of Kombatants who have all somehow impacted the plot. While a few more recent fighters have established themselves as household names, fans still want to see more established characters in upcoming releases. Mortal Kombat faces are well-known in the video gaming industry, appearing in everything from vintage arcade machines and consoles to motion pictures and novels.

The Best Fighting Game Series Is Mortal Kombat: Why?

For various reasons, Mortal Kombat typically experiences one of the most prosperous debuts of any given year when there is the release of a new installment. Many players think that Mortal Kombat is the most fantastic fighting video game franchise despite the existence of numerous other tournament fighter series. Not that other franchises aren’t good; nonetheless, Mortal Kombat has remained at the top of the pack for almost 30 years, thanks to a distinct caliber of production. The Mortal Kombat franchise has grown so much that fans become excited when there is ana announcement of a new game. For various reasons, Mortal Kombat is typically one of the well-received game releases each year when a new installment is launched.

List of the 5 most iconic mortal kombat characters ever:

Although many people criticize Mortal Kombat for using too much blood, the brand has been around for over 30 years, thanks to its distinctive characters and backstories. How about using a list of the top 5 mortal kombat characters to rank those?


Scorpion is the other most well-known Mortal Kombat character. Without question, Scorpion is the most well-liked fighter in Mortal Kombat’s history. A famous quote of his is, “Get over here!” He does this to entice them in closer and deliver accurate hits using unique combinations of kunai spears.

Sub-Zero killed the original Scorpion, who was resurrected to exact revenge. Since then, Scorpion has gained notoriety for his ability to control the element of fire, which works in perfect harmony with his preferred weapon.


Shang-Tsung, the original primary adversary of the Mortal Kombat franchise, instilled fear in the hearts of people whom we would later regard as the game’s ardent followers. Brilliant sorcerer Shang-Tsung was exiled to Earthrealm.

The Mortal Kombat tournament champion Goro has gone the longest without losing after assuming control of the competition. Shang-Tsung, a boss in the first Mortal Kombat game and a playable character in later games, had the unusual ability to transform into any Mortal Kombat fighter.

Liu Kang

The first protagonist of the canonical Mortal Kombat plot was Liu Kang. Most of the time, Liu Kang has remained the primary character in the franchise, but he has occasionally wavered. For instance, many Mortal Kombat 9 fans prefer to forget that Raiden slew Liu Kang.

Hailed as Earthrealm’s greatest champion, Liu Kang has inspiration from Bruce Lee and possesses some of the most intriguing skills that only a pure Shaolin monk could do. Eventually, in the plot, Liu Kang attains godhood and uses Mortal Kombat 1 to restart time.


In Mortal Kombat, there are two characters who are easily recognizable and stand out. Sub-Zero is one of them. Three ninjas, including Sub-Zero, were featured in the initial Mortal Kombat game. Known as the “blue palette swapper” among the three ninjas, he used ice manipulation to subdue his opponents.

Sub-Zero, also known as Bi-Han and Kuai Lang, was typically a villain in the series. However, in Mortal Kombat 1, there was a switching of characters between Sub-Zero and Scorpion, with Kuai Lang being the new Scorpion according to the timeline.

Johnny Cage

Johnny Cage was a lackluster combatant in the first Mortal Kombat, with his main selling point being Hollywood stardom. Even while the latter is still true, Johnny Cage has become one of the most well-liked fighters in the genre, particularly since Mortal Kombat 1 through 9 were released.

People mostly recognize Johnny Cage for his dazzling charm and sarcastic demeanor, which the combat scenes and cut scenes frequently display. His movements mirror his humorous nature; he is a memorable character in Mortal Kombat that fans will never forget.

Final Words:

The mortal kombat characters in the story are a major factor in its fame. Shang Tsung emerged as one of the most adored antagonists in video games, Johnny Cage stole the limelight and replaced Liu Kang as the valiant protagonist. Even those who have never even touched a controller are aware of the rivalry between Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Though other games have well-known protagonists like Ryu or Jin Kazama, gamers typically think of characters like Scorpion when they see a tournament fighter.

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