Dragons Dogma 2: A New Chapter in Epic Adventure

by Thomas Martin
Dragons Dogma 2

An action RPG with a storytelling element, Dragons Dogma 2 is situated in a fantastical setting. In this one-player game, players can engage in various activities, and the Pawn system gives them the impression that they are being accompanied. Take a singular journey within a world crafted by stunning graphics, artificial intelligence (AI), and cutting-edge physical technology.

When Will Dragons Dogma 2 Be Available?

The Dragons Dogma 2 release date is Friday, March 22, 2024. The game’s release date was leaked on Steam before Capcom’s November 28 Dragon’s Dogma 2 showcase.

During our hands-on preview, we discovered the game is well-polished, indicating it is nearing the end of development. The game was also shown by Capcom in June 2023. It was shown at the Capcom Showcase and, in September 2023 at the Tokyo Game Show.

Capcom disclosed that it will release a vast, undisclosed game by March 2024; however, it might be Dragon’s Dogma 2. The game won’t be available on Xbox One or PS4. However, it will be available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

System Specifications

The Dragons Dogma 2 system requirements have been made public by Capcom before the game’s release. Of course, they’re far more demanding than the original game, but setting up the RPG should be pretty easy.

Teasers for Dragon’s Dogma 2

On May 24, at the PlayStation Showcase 2023, Capcom unveiled the reveal video for Dragon’s Dogma 2. It provides an initial peek at the revitalized fantasy realm of Gransys, featuring an assortment of play styles, adversaries, tools, and an ominous monarch. Oh, and there’s also a huge dragon.

There is much more information regarding the key gameplay elements of Dragon’s Dogma 2, like the Pawn system, at the Capcom Showcase on June 12, 2023. Unfortunately, all of the gameplay footage from the PlayStation Showcase has been repeated.


As an action RPG with a narrative focus, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is described as single-player only on its official website. The freedom to approach events in diverse ways, along with a fully configurable main character and party, are promises made by the developers. The game takes place in Gransys, the same open environment with a fantastical theme we were introduced to in the first game. According to the presentation, this open environment will be four times larger than the one in the previous Dragon’s Dogma game.

As the unveiling video demonstrated, a variety of playstyles are available in Dragon’s Dogma 2’s vocation system. Thus far, we have observed a sorcerer, an archer, a fully armored swordsman, and what appears to be an archer employing magic. The latter makes a compelling case for the resurgence of hybrid careers.

The grab mechanism is making a comeback as another aspect of gameplay. This should enable us to leap and scale obstacles and adversaries, making it a crucial weapon in battle.

The Pawn system from Dragon’s Dogma 1 will remain in Dragon’s Dogma 2, as stated in the Capcom Showcase. The AI-controlled Pawns are party members that accompany you on your adventures; they serve as virtual companions with distinct personalities and are useful in combat.


Capcom also unveiled their updated character creator, allowing users to personalize their primary Pawn and Arisen. According to the developers, Dragon’s Dogma 2’s player-created avatars will have more photorealism thanks to new photogrammetry technologies.

Lastly, the game’s story was hinted at by the developers, who claimed that it was set in a universe similar to the one in the original Dragon’s Dogma. Players will be torn between the ideologies and schemes of two opposing nations while playing as an Arisen. With the queen regent Disa installing a counterfeit Arisen, Vermund, the human kingdom, is at the center of a war for supremacy. The humanoid creatures in Battahl view Pawns as a source of bad luck. However, dragons are seen as a threat to the survival of both nations.


That concludes our current knowledge of the Dragons Dogma 2 release date. Although we have some concerns regarding the skill limitations, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is still fun. Attacks are simple, and there is much-fighting nuance due to the monster variety and their vital vulnerabilities. When Dragon’s Dogma 2 shows up, you’re ready to battle the enormous flying reptile that captured your heart. Dragon’s Dogma has an intriguing plot, and it remains to be seen if Dragon’s Dogma 2 can break from its predecessor or resurrect the cycle.

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