Discovering Vast and Mysterious World of Elden Ring Map

by Thomas Martin
Elden Ring Map

As you’ve probably seen, Elden Ring doesn’t provide any navigational assistance; the map becomes completely blank whenever you uncover a new spot. However, the entire Elden Ring map appears when you uncover map fragments in the game. This map needs numerous locations and features that you will find with others.

Please continue reading for our in-depth guide on everything map-related in Elden Ring, which includes a map overview and more details.

Elden Ring: Is It an Open World?

Yes, Elden Ring is a game with an open universe. The massive open space that the makers of FromSoftware have built for you to explore freely. We call it The Lands Between. It is host to several boss fights and secret mysteries.

It’s crucial to stress that, although you start the game in a limited area and follow a preset path that teaches you the basics, you are free to explore the Elden Ring open world after completing that brief instructional segment.

How Large Is This Map?

Although the developers have yet to confirm the size of the Elden Ring Map in terms of square kilometers, we can tell you from experience that it is enormous. We have yet to play an open-world game this massive.

The Elden Ring Map has five primary regions, each quite large: Limgrave, Caelid, Liurnia, Altus Plateau, and the Mountaintops of the Giants. Although the game begins in Limgrave, there are many other places to discover.

In the open world, the first Site of Grace points north with its golden beam of light, but before moving on to the main tale, we suggest heading south in Limgrave towards the bottom of the map. There’s lots to discover there.

More Information on Images of the Map

Even though the Elden Ring Map is widely shared online, not many players have completed the game yet, so many images are unfinished.

However, one of the most comprehensive tools currently available is an interactive map of the Elden Ring on the Fextralife-created wiki.

You can find another fantastic interactive map of the Elden Ring on the Map Genie website. Also, you can even check in and monitor your progress with this one!

You can use filters to identify specific objects or sites of interest on an interactive Elden Ring Map by clicking any link in the preceding two paragraphs.

Locating all of the Map fragments

If your Elden Ring Map is greyed out without details in the game, you likely need to locate the necessary map piece. You’ll need to find at least one map fragment in each area of the Elden Ring Map locations, as these will add various helpful details to your in-game map.

The video below should assist you in finding the east and west map segments to help you navigate the Limgrave area, your first open-world hub in the game. You must engage with a large obelisk to pick up each part.

Explaining Its Fast Transit

The ease of fast travel through the Elden Ring interactive map is undoubtedly good news for gamers. Once you enter the game’s open world, you can quickly travel between any Site of Grace places you’ve found.

We can unlock each site of grace simply by approaching it; no tasks such as minigames, battles, or puzzles exist.

Also, we can access a site of grace anytime by choosing it from your map in the menu after you’ve unlocked it.


The Elden Ring Map is evidence of the artist’s painstaking attention to detail. Because of its size, variety, and elaborate architecture, it’s a universe ready to be explored and conquered. The Elden Ring Map becomes more than just a location as players discover the landscapes, tackle sturdy enemies, and resolve hidden mysteries. It invites players to immerse themselves in an unsurpassed scope and complexity of dark fantasy epic.

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