Eyebrow Lamination: The Secrets to Perfectly Groomed Brows

by Thomas Martin
eyebrow lamination

The saying goes that the eyebrows frame the face. Fortunately for us, this no longer holds true, and we can create face-framing masterpieces out of our hair without resorting to dull tweezers and poor vision. These days, a plethora of cutting-edge procedures are available to shape, style, and improve our eyebrows. One more recent procedure that is becoming more and more well-liked is eyebrow lamination.

Brow lamination: What is it?

So exactly what is eyebrow lamination? In essence, brow lamination is a “brow hair texturizing treatment,” according to brow and lash specialists. It’s a procedure where a brow specialist uses a chemical solution to soften the hair follicle and re-shapes, or sets, it into a more refined, lifted, smoother shape. What was the outcome? The ideal brows are brushed up to provide the illusion of bigger, more defined brows.

What advantages does eyebrow lamination offer?

Of course, the appearance of laminated brows is their primary advantage. When appropriately applied, the brows will appear bigger and more lifted and will lay in a more aesthetically acceptable form. During lamination, you can adjust the brows’ shape in addition to smoothing out the hairs. For example, you can raise the arch or decrease the tail to achieve the ideal shape.

This procedure is a perfect alternative for many people who don’t want to commit to other brow services because it is non-invasive and temporary, unlike other brow treatments like micro blading.

After lamination, they look fantastic and are also simpler to work with. Their smooth structure will make maintenance easier if the hairs were previously unmanageable. The hair was arranged vertically, giving the impression that it had been skilfully combed and fixed.

One of the primary benefits of lamination is its eight-week longevity. It eliminates the need for frenetic morning gel setting and brow brushing and allows for a daily regimen that requires less upkeep.

What is involved in the process of brow lamination?

In order to determine your ideal brow style, your brow expert will conduct a thorough consultation with you that includes brow mapping.

  • Step 1: Clean the Brows

To guarantee that all eyebrow lamination treatments target the brow from the root to the tip, your tech will clean the brows and then use Brow Fix to position them upward. Throughout the procedure, this solution keeps the brows in place.

  • Step 2: Style the Brows

The brows are styled with Brow Style. Each hair’s connections are broken down chemically by this cream, enabling the manipulation of the hair into a new shape. Depending on the state of the hair, a specific amount of time is spent with the solution on the brows.

  • Step 3: Apply Brow with Brow Set

The brows are applied with Brow Set. The hair is fixed in its new position by this solution. Depending on the state of the hair, a specific amount of time is spent with the solution on the brows.

  • Step 4: Color the Brow

Tinting is optional. To give the brows more color and improve the treatment’s outcomes, brows might be colored.

  • Step 5: Apply Serum

After removing any remnants of the aforementioned products from the brows, Brow Nourish a keratin-infused brow serum—is applied to the brows to hydrate and condition the hair.

  • Step 6: Position to Set

Brush the brows into the position you want them to be in. This position can be changed based on the style you want. One might either brush the brows upward or in a more natural direction.

Is it worth it to brown laminate? 

After just one session, brow lamination is a safe procedure that can give your eyebrows a naturally larger appearance. Compared to other brow procedures like Micro blading, it’s a more cost-effective choice with long-lasting effects. If you want a new look that is simple to maintain, consider getting this treatment.

Not only that, but it’s quite fashionable right now, so if you wanted to attempt this new appearance, now would be the perfect time to get your brows laminated!

How much is the cost of brow lamination?

The location, level of expertise, and service provided by the brow artist all significantly impact the cost of brow lamination. You’ll frequently be paying for more than just the permanent makeup because brow lamination is an extra service. Local villages are generally less expensive than cities; prices might range from $75 to $250.

Final Words

When looking for a low-maintenance, natural-looking alternative to micro blading, eyebrow lamination is a terrific option. However, because of the chemicals used in the procedure, it may be rather harsh on your brows if you use it frequently and take the wrong precautions afterward. Because of this, professionals advise sticking to sporadic treatments if your hair is becoming dry and always seeing a reputable brow technician.

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