Revolutionizing Home Cooking with the gousto Experience

by Jahnvi Ahuja

Gousto’s recipe selection, premium ingredients, and affordable pricing helped it to the top of our latest list of the greatest recipe boxes in the UK. We bought a couple more packages for this study to see if gousto is still the best option available.

Using recipe box services to prepare dinner is a very contemporary idea. TV cooking shows inspire us to cook ever more exotic foods, but who has the time for that? Not simply to cook but also to gather ingredients, locate them in stores, purchase the appropriate quantity, and transport them all home.

How does one define Gousto?

Timo Boldt founded the recipe box startup Gousto in 2012. The idea behind the boxes is to make cooking tasty meals at home simple. They come with premeasured, fresh ingredients and simple-to-follow recipes that anyone can make, no matter how experienced. They claim to meticulously source their produce, using seasonal veggies and 100% British meat.

Gousto recipe selections

The website offered a huge selection of recipes. gousto provides a weekly rotating menu with over sixty food alternatives to accommodate a variety of schedules and diets. There were plenty of other options for hectic midweek meals as well as more leisurely weekend catering, ranging from a quick 10-minute stir-fry to a 45-minute curry or an hour-long stew. In addition, they offer seasonal promotions in honor of holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Exist any unique diet options?

From meat lovers and pescatarians to vegetarians and vegans, a variety of dietary needs were met. There were selections devoid of gluten and dairy, as well as a healthy choices category that provides each serving with at least one of your five a day.

Is it possible to alter recipes?

Yes, Gousto’s weekly menu now includes this. A significant number of dishes offer the option for customers to customize the protein. For instance, lean, meatless, or beef mince are all available. Meals in other dishes can be made vegetarian by, for example, replacing chicken with halloumi.

Does it provide good monetary value?

The number of dishes you select and whether the servings are for two or four people will determine how much a recipe box costs. The value per piece increases with the number of items ordered. Families can afford it with a box of four meals for four people, which has the lowest cost per serving at £2.98.

What is contained in the gousto box?

Fish and meat that must be refrigerated are kept in a cardboard chill box. While smaller store-cupboard products like sauces, herbs, and spices are kept in little paper bags, larger veggies, and other ingredients are loose in the box. To make it simple for you to organize them when you open them, these are labeled with the recipe ID number. In addition, there are four recipe cards and a free present, which in this case is a wooden spoon with the Gousto logo.

Do the ingredients have a high quality?

All of the items were there, and the ingredients arrived in good shape. All of the meat comes from reliable UK suppliers, and the beef quality in one of our meals really pleased us. Fresh and ripe vegetables were available, and their tight packing preserved the flavor of the herbs. Since every ingredient had a decent amount of shelf life, we could have four dinners a week.

Are the components in the box kept cold enough?

The ingredients were delivered in the box nicely chilled. The first recipe box insulator of its kind in the UK, the Eco Chill Box from Gousto was introduced in April 2020 and is made of cardboard to keep ingredients exceptionally cool and fresh.

What choices are there for delivery?

The day you want the delivery to happen is up to you. Seven days a week, there is delivery to the UK. Typically, delivery occurs in five days.

Gousto uses the Yodel delivery service, which provides text updates frequently and provides an anticipated two-hour window for delivery in the morning. If not inside, you can designate a secure location for Gousto to leave the box. The ingredients were kept chilled by the insulation and ice, even though we were not present when it was delivered and we did not specify a location. You can stop receiving the boxes for a set amount of time and resume receiving them weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. It is possible to modify the delivery day of the week and time slots for a fee.

Final Verdict

While other recipe box services offer similar features, gousto surpasses its competitors in terms of overall performance. Every week, we knew there would be intriguing new foods to look forward to. Additionally, we were sure that the recipes would help us become more proficient without taking hours. It was also great that the premeasured ingredients prevented leftover jars from piling up in the cupboard and the vegetables from going bad in the refrigerator.

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