FF7 Rebirth: A Resurgence of Nostalgia and Innovation

by Thomas Martin
FF7 Rebirth

FF7 Rebirth is a modern take on a beloved JRPG. At the September 2023 PlayStation State of Play, Square Enix revealed new gameplay. It was a collector’s edition, and more, giving us even more to look forward to.

With a release date of February 2024, the second installment of the planned trilogy is already looking incredible. There are plans for a third installment, which promises to be even more ambitious than the first.

How closely it sticks to the original plot and how far it will go remains to be seen, but much conjecture has already been expressed. FF7R is starting to appear like one of the most anticipated PS5 games of the year, mainly because it’s one of the new titles for 2024 that will be released in a few weeks.

When is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Coming Out?

The FF7 Rebirth release date has been revealed as February 29, 2024. At PlayStation’s September 2023 State of Play, the news and a fresh glimpse at the game were verified. It confirmed Vincent’s return, the Golden Saucer’s presence, and its fantastic minigames.

Limited Edition

The Final Fantasy 7 rebirth collector’s edition has been released alongside a deluxe edition physical copy. The double-disc epic and its extras will cost you an incredible US$350. The collector’s edition was revealed concurrently with the game’s release date. The FF7R collector’s edition includes a giant 19-inch statue of Sephiroth to ornament your living room, in-game items, and the steel book from the deluxe edition. It is undoubtedly expensive but a tempting offer to any devoted FF7 enthusiast.

Available Platforms for FF7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is solely expected to release on the PlayStation 5. Although Final Fantasy 7 Remake was first available on the PlayStation 4. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will not be available on the platform as Square Enix focuses on the next generation of systems.

Although FF7 Rebirth Intergrade is now accessible on Steam, there is a good probability that Rebirth will eventually make its way there. Square Enix has yet to confirm whether a Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth PC release is in the works.

There is still some optimism. However, it is still being determined if Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be available on Xbox systems. Only the PlayStation system can play Final Fantasy 7 Remake and its follow-up, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Nonetheless, the likelihood of an Xbox Series X port has increased with the announcement that Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade has finally arrived on PC.


As the second part of a trilogy that recreates the beloved 1997 PlayStation game, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth offers an exhilarating gaming experience. The game follows Cloud Strife, the main character, and his companions as they flee the busy metropolis of Midgar, picking up after the events of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Like its predecessor, Rebirth expands the story and enhances character development while reimagining certain aspects of the original game.

The gameplay of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is a dynamic combination of combat and real-time exploration. The game provides a more open-ended landscape with objective markers. It is for guiding players through primary story missions and sidequests, departing from the linear path of Remake’s Midgar.

Players have two options for moving faster through the overworld: walking or riding Chocobos. Characters can employ magic and physical strikes in the fighting system, expanding upon the action-packed melee combat and Active-Time Battle (ATB) system from Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Party members can synchronize attacks using a special “Synergized” mechanic. It was initially introduced in the DLC “episode intermission,” giving battles more strategic depth. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth offers a compelling blend of character growth, battle, and exploration, creating an engaging and immersive gaming experience.

What’s Next for the Rebirth of Final Fantasy 7?

Fans are curious about what will happen in the Final Fantasy 7 series after the release of FF7 Rebirth. Director Naoki Hamaguchi hinted about the unavoidable development of the third and final film in the trilogy in an interview. Hamaguchi discussed script progress and thoughts for specific advancements, even though he could not reveal the current work state. This information suggests that the next installment is being worked on steadily.

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