Free Fire Advance Access Gives You an Edge in Competition

by Thomas Martin
Free Fire advance

Followers and fans of the game know that Free Fire developers maintain a bi-monthly schedule for releasing new versions to improve the gameplay and incorporate new titles to create a refreshing experience for players. Soon after concluding OB38, Garena arranged for the release of Free Fire Advance OB39. Gaming enthusiasts know that Garena follows a pattern for every new release by rolling out the Advance Server, Garena’s dedicated client-server, two weeks before releasing the actual version.  

Reasons for providing server access to Free Fire Advance fans

The launch of the Free Fire Advance server is a precursor to the release of the actual version of the game, which usually happens within a fortnight. This time, the Advance Server was accessible between March 10 and March 16. It allowed players to experience all new features pending release and share their feedback. The feedback includes reporting bugs and other issues and the quality of content, which helps Garena, the game maker, rectify these before releasing the actual version. 

Garena wants to avoid fan disappointment after releasing the actual versions. Providing early access to the game’s dedicated server is a precautionary measure to ensure they can present a polished and almost flawless version with tested features and free from bugs. Providing a superior gaming experience is a non-negotiable agenda for Garena, and the move is entirely in-sync with it.

Only Android users can access the client through an APK file on Garena’s official website.

The importance of Activation Code

Providing access to the Advance Server creates a lot of excitement among FF fans. And there are chances of the server crashing due to overcrowding. To avoid the problem, Garena limits the number of people accessing the server by collecting an Activation Code to gain access. Before accessing the Advance Server, you must collect an Activation Code that serves as a gate pass. Entering the code is mandatory whether you download it from the official website or any other source.

You must try your luck to receive the code by registering on the official website before release and waiting for the outcome. If you receive the Activation Code, you should tank your Lady Luck for it. Moreover, the source from where you gather the code also matters because although several sites promise access codes, you must ensure that you collect it from a trusted source only. Of course, getting the code from the Garena Free Fire website is the best option.

Benefit for players

Providing access to the Free Fire Advance server helps to create a win-win situation for Garena and players. Early access to new content and game features is advantageous for players as they have time to prepare well. It’s a way for players to warm up for the big occasion when the actual game releases so that they stay prepared to fire all guns from the first day. Having time on their side is advantageous for players who can strategize early and keep all options open to get the better of their opponents with a lot of confidence. They would be ahead of many others vying for the Battle Royale title.

Steps to follow for Advance Server Registration

Garena opens a small window for registration for accessing the Free Fire Advance server, and you must be on the watch out across the internet regularly to spot the opportunity early. There is a high craze among FF fans to get a sneak peek into the upcoming game. So staying vigilant online and regularly checking the official website should put you ahead in the race.

Follow the steps below to register and try to obtain an Activation Code.

  • Log on to the official FF website, which currently offers registration for accessing the Free Fire Advance server, focusing on Free Fire OB39.
  • With the help of Google or Facebook, set up your Free Fire account. Linking the Free Fire account with the available options is mandatory or else the system throws up an error message.
  • To complete the registration process, please provide your email address and click the ‘Join Now’ button.

Having successfully submitted your application and hoping it undergoes processing, you must wait for the outcome like a lottery. Since a limited number of codes are available and the number of applicants is too many, luck plays a critical role. Only the lucky ones receive the Activation Code.

In addition to gaining access to the server, you have to sign into the same website to download the APK after its release.

An opportunity to win diamonds

The game’s developers heavily depend on the user feedback from those who gain access to the Free Fire Advance server to refine the content and ensure the most pleasing gaming experience. Besides improving the features, developers are keen to remove all kinds of bugs that infiltrate the content during development. Since bugs are integral to the game’s development process, removing them completely depends mostly on proper analysis of user feedback.

That the developers make all effort to create the best user experience is evident in the particular Bug Hunting program that encourages users to report bugs and win diamonds in their global accounts. You can win up to 3,000 diamonds depending on the number of bugs identified and their importance.

Play Free Fire OB39

Free Fire OB39 is a free-to-play game only for those who can obtain an Activation Code by following the earlier process. The procedure is similar to that of accessing the Advance Server, which allows players to get a feel of the game before its official release to the public.  Besides earning diamonds, there are many more in-game incentives to attract players.

Only those with early access to the server hosting Free Fire Advance can download the FF APK.You might come across several activation codes, and ensure that these are active or fit to use.

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